One Thank You at a Time

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Hello World,

Thank You! Two words that when said can really be heartfelt and appreciated by those on the receiving end. Have you ever thought about how many times a day you could say thank you? Have you tried it recently? When paying for your groceries, when the waitress/waiter brings your dinner, when someone opens a door for you, or does something nice for you, say it loud and clear, Thank You.  A thank you expresses to that person that you recognize their hard work and effort.

Let’s all work on saying those two precious words to the members of our family. For the small things they do and the big things too. Each one of these helpful things helps to make our day a lot easier. Notice it, embrace it, appreciate it, remember it and acknowledge it with a Thank You!

Maybe we can make the world or at least our little part of it better by saying Thank You a little more often.

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