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Love is in the Air ebook

Dear Reader,                                                                        

I have a special gift that I would like to share with you in this month of romance and love.

My short story is in an e-book titled Love is in the Air.  This story is titled Dad’s Tips on Love and Marriage and is among a collection of short stories and relationship advice. Find out what advice this father gives to his son as his wedding day approaches when you download the free ebook at

I am proud to have worked with so many excellent co-authors on this ebook.  We are all members of an online writing group. The Writersville Gang is where authors of all genres talk about book promotion and their writing. It is a good place to practice your writing skills, get advice and feedback from postings of your work. Members of this group if they chose can be a part of publishing free ebooks throughout the year. Check out this group’s page and apply for a free membership at

 I certainly hope to see you there.

I greatly appreciate any and all comments so please if you download the ebook return to my site and leave a comment/review.

Thanks for reading.

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