Funeral for a Friend

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At first when you hear it, it sounds like glass crunching under boots, crunch, crunch, crunch, only it doesn’t go away and you fear the worst. Then it stops and you breathe a sigh of relief. You won’t know it at this point, but the next key that is pushed is the deadliest move ever. The computer screen goes black and white text appears, it reads;

Physical dump of hard drive is in progress.

You find yourself staring at the screen in a panic and thinking Oh no! this can’t be happening. You begin to wonder when was the last time that you actually backed up the computer? 

Text appears on the screen and you’re praying everything has fixed itself and life will return to normal, instead the text on the screen reads;

Physical dump of hard drive is complete.

You turn it off, then on again and now you’re just hoping much like a doctor does when trying to retrieve a patients heart beat, but instead the patient flat lines. The computer screen says no hard drive can be found. A dozen or so times of hitting the F1 button and still the same message appears.

Realization begins to set in, that it’s gone and nothing you can do will ever bring it back. You glance at the clock and note the time. Time of death 5:10 p.m.

Goodbye old friend.

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This article was written by Rebecca

Rebecca is a book coach and editor. She guides aspiring writers, coaches, entrepreneurs and speakers to become self-published authors so they share their expertise, knowledge and passion. Thinking about writing a book? Contact her today to start writing your book.

2 thoughts on “Funeral for a Friend”

  1. Becky – I sort of had a similar experience with my BRAND NEW COMPUTER only having had it a mere 2 weeks and it got sick on me! Poor baby had to spend half the day in the computer hospital emergency room getting transfused and reprogrammed and all kinds of good stuff like that.

    And meanwhile, I sat at home looking at the desk with only the screen and keyboard -oh and printer too – there to remind me that my right hand had suddenly been cut off from my body.

    It was indeed a dark and scary day! But the CER docs did a great job – reinstalled XP and the baby took off like a charm. All that was left was for me to reinstall well over 100 e-mail addresses into my addy book all over again and to re-research 6 months work of newspapers to re-transcribe articles I’d had on one document that had been saved to the hard drive and lost.

    I was lucky that time but I hope I never have a day like that again. A sick computer is one thing but one in it’s death throes, oh my, the mourning process that would go on if that were to happen.

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