A Social Network for Book Lovers

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As a writer I am also an avid reader, but as my book collection continues to grow I needed a way to keep them at my fingertips for easy reference. Making that wish come true is LibraryThing. This is an online library catalog where I can keep track of all my books and share them with my readers. LibraryThing allows you to catalog up to 200 of your books for free.


You register (easy) put in your personal books (very easy) catalog (or tag) and review them as you see fit, take a look at your graphic bookshelf and see who shares your interests. You can also;

  • Check your bookshelf quickly and easily from your mobile phone
  • Post you own book reviews and share in group discussions
  • View your library as a list or with book covers
  • Link to your blog and share your library with all your friends
  • Updates your blog and website when entering new books
  • Author gallery shows you pictures of book authors

If you can’t resist sneaking a look at your friend’s bookshelves then this site is for you. Joining is as easy as giving yourself a user name and password. More features not listed above are available at the site. Try it, www.librarything.com and see how fast you can build your book shelf.

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This article was written by Rebecca

Rebecca is a book coach and editor. She guides aspiring writers, coaches, entrepreneurs and speakers to become self-published authors so they share their expertise, knowledge and passion. Thinking about writing a book? Contact her today to start writing your book.

One thought on “A Social Network for Book Lovers”

  1. Becky – I read this post a couple days ago but apparently I just glossed over it because until I re-read it tonight, I just grasped now the concept of what this personal library organizer thing really is. I’ll have to mark that on my list of things I need to do here. Sounds like it would be a great way to keep track of books, read and waiting to be read, which ones to pass along or at least recommend to my older daughter or other friends who really like to read too! Thanks for that bit of information.

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