Writer’s Block

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Have you ever been a victim of writers block?

In the Freelance Writer’s Bible, Your Guide to a Profitable Writing Career within One Year by David Trottier a single chapter is devoted to discussing writers block. I’ll list a few of them here, but you just have to read the book to find out the entire list.

At the end of this chapter my reaction was, “Is that all that’s wrong with me.” Once I was able to identify what has kept me from writing it didn’t seem to be such a big monster after all. Since coming to terms with all those little nagging reasons not to write, now the ideas seem to flow much easier. No longer is it a struggle for me to make the time to write.

David Trottier’s 10 of his 17 Reasons for Writers Block

1.  Procrastination or scribaphobia (fear of writing)
2.  Comparing yourself to Hemingway
3.  Museheimer’s Disease (refusing to write until your muse arrives)
4.  Fear of not being as good as you hoped
5.  Fear of wasting time
6.  Exaggerating fears and problems
7.  Fear of Success
8.  Self-Defeating attitudes (my work is God’s work or my art is more valuable than money)
9.  Chronic Ambivalence Syndrome (not knowing what to write, where to start, or what to write next)
10. Stuckitis (this is an advanced case of Chronic Ambivalence Syndrome where you have lapsed into a stuckitis coma.)

The book is divided up into 4 sections, labeled book 1 through 4 and covers your creative vision, writing with freedom and confidence, Sell to 17 key writing markets, and creating your strategic marketing plan. He articulates each section with confidence, experience and appreciation for the craft of writing. He has created action plans, support and resources, personal challenges and writing opportunities.

If you only read one book this year and if you want to have a freeleance career in writing I highly recommend reading this funny, but truely honest book.

Happy Reading!

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