You’ll Never Know Where Your Writing Will Show Up!

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loveebook21.jpeg  Earlier this year I was so very proud to have worked with my online writers group and cowrote a free e-book.  Just in time for a Valentine’s Day Release it was called Love is in the Air, A Dazzling collection of Love Stories and Love Advice for the Romantic in you. My short story is titled Dad’s Tips on Love and Marriage (5 Answers to Those Questions a Woman Asks in Marriage). (See earlier post on February 15, 2007) It was available for a free download through the Writersville site. 

It seems that this free Valentine’s day e-book has been found floating around cyberspace and has been located on the following site This is the Self Help Supersite, it is all about Love Relationships. There is a introduction and a description in the post for the free e-book.

“I’m really excited about this eBook,” says Dorothy Thompson, editor of The Writer’s Life and moderator of the online writing group. “Not only are we giving back to our faithful readers, but we are also learning the ins and outs of self-publishing. It’s been a great learning experience for all of us and has helped us find out what it takes to pump up our own online book promotion by using our free eBooks as guinea pigs. We learn what works and what doesn’t which is highly important because it eliminates the time wasters and shows us how to market our books effectively.” The Writer’s Life Publications is run and operated by Dorothy Thompson and publishes several free eBooks throughout the year.

If you’re a writer you know that your words speak for themselves and people judge you by what you have to say. I guess what our group of writers wrote must have been well liked. It just goes to show that you’ll never know where your writing will show up.

If you want to check out the site it’s located here. under Members New & Events

If you want to download a free copy of the ebook get it here;

Happy Reading!

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