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scottbook.jpgWe have a special guest author today by the name of Scott Zema, author of the book, THREE STEPS TO INVESTMENT SUCCESS: BUYING THE RIGHT ART, ANTIQUES, AND COLLECTIBLES here with us at Chitchat.

Scott Zema is a professional appraiser certified by the International Society of Appraisers and has been in practice for twenty years. Based in the Pacific Northwest, he has a national clientele. He has actively promoted the appraisal profession and includes among his clients the University of Washington, museums, local municipalities, corporations and numerous other institutional clients, as well as numerous private clients of high net worth.

Scott, I understand that you wrote the book because you felt the public was off cue in acquiring with an interest in value and quality as well as matching the color of the drapes, filling a hoe in the corner of the room, or buying to satisfy on a whim. Most consumers and that includes me don’t know the first thing about buying a piece of art. Can you give us some helpful hints on what we should be looking for?

Hi Rebecca!

You — and they– should read my short, readable, entertaining and informative book BEFORE they go shopping! Definitely a MUST.  Absent that, treat your major art purchases (over $1,000) dollars like you would treat your stock or home purchases.  Consider carefully what it is your are buying. Be a careful shopper! Hold off falling in love with that good-looking picture until you know a bit more about it! And go to local museums, see what’s being shown, research the galleries in your locale; see who’s been around and who hasn’t, which dealers have reputations (who knows their business and who doesn’t), which artists have reputations and which do not. Get to know several dealers  

(not just one dealer) and have themASSIST you in making decisions about purchases until you are more sure of your footing in buying art.

Are quality paintings available to the casual more modern lifestyle or is it only relegated to more luxurious mansions?

Quality can cost money, but if you do some homework you can get a lot of value for very little money. I own a art collection with a value far in excess of what would typically be associated with someone with my income, a collection I obtained by using my head and not just my wallet!

How valuable are Thomas Kinkade paintings?

Hire me and I’ll let you know!  I find that people have his prints (that is, signed reproductions of his paintings) in their collections, and not his actual paintings.

In searching through grandma’s attic what is the possibility that we are going to find any antiques of value?

I would say 80-20 in favor of something of value.

What is considered an antique of value?

Anything with a minimum retail value of $1,000,000.

If you can share with us, what is the most valuable or expensive item that you have ever appraised?

I have appraised objects worth millions of dollars.

Do you have any plans to write another book?

Don’t know yet.

If you had a choice of anything to write what would that be?

I’m partial to poetry, and I think I’m good at it. The book I have written for collectors we are discussing is more a labor for the pocketbook than to satisy any deep-seated literary urges.

You’re almost through your September tour with PumpUp.  Can you tell my readers what is the best thing that you have enjoyed about the tour?

The opportunity to discuss my ideas with my potential readers!

What would you like your legacy to be?

With this book? Literally the first or second person to write a book on a theme that is virgin published territory, like a great explorer, and to have produced something of quality and use to people everywhere interested in the topic I love.

Thank you for coming, Scott! Can you tell my readers where they might pick up a copy of your book?

You bet.    is where it’s at!scottzema.jpg

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  1. I would like to say thatI have read this book and have found it very helpful, enlightening and written with confidence and a good sprinkling of humor. As a long time collector of art I still had a lot to learn from Scott.Congratulations on a job well done!

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