8 Things To Know About Me!

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I got tagged by Jen Nipps, from Creatif to carry on this post in the blogsphere.


What can I tell you about myself and my writing that won’t bore you to tears.

1. I recently joined Pump Up Your Book Promotion Public Relations Agency. This is an online agency that promotes authors and their books with virtual book tours. In the short time that I’ve been with this company it has been great. I’ve been learning the ropes and let me just say that the PR business is a very fast moving and exhilirating environment to work in. If you’re an author and are interested in taking a virtual book tour check out Pump Up here; http://pumpupyourbookpromotion.com

2. It has always been a dream of mine to have a writing career that would financially and emotionally support me. Recently, I have moved that dream into the goal category and have begun to make an action plan and timeline for it.

3. When the time comes that I can see my writing as being a succesfull paid venture then I can leave the Corporate Business world behind. Hip, Hip, Hooray!

4. I have always loved the written word and how the great literary authors can just make the words sound effortless.

5.  I’ve had two short stories published in two anthology e-books, they’re available here at this site. Love is in the Air, A Valentine’s Day free e-book. My short story, Dad’s Tips on Love and Marriage, (5 Answers to Those Questions a Woman Asks in Marriage).   My previous short story was in the Christmas 2006 anthology, The 12 Days Of Writersville, and is a twist on a familiar old tune.

6.  I write and drive at the same time and while they haven’t outlawed this yet, I wouldn’t advise trying it unless you’re really good at writing blindly. Place the notebook on your lap and with your eyes on the road, scribble your thoughts on the page before you without looking down at it. The deciphering part of what you scribbled is the fun part. 

7.   I would be love to meet Nora Roberts or actually her imagination. With over 100 books in print she must have a very vivid one.

8.  I am overly ambitious person and a I possess a drive to accomplish all that I can. I have this quote posted on my computer screen. “Either you decide to stay in the shallow end of the pool or you go out in the ocean.” Christopher Reeve, Actor (may he rest in peace).

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Don’t Break The Chain, Happy Posting!

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This article was written by Rebecca

Rebecca is a book coach and editor. She guides aspiring writers, coaches, entrepreneurs and speakers to become self-published authors so they share their expertise, knowledge and passion. Thinking about writing a book? Contact her today to start writing your book.

4 thoughts on “8 Things To Know About Me!”

  1. I’m sorry I didn’t get here sooner Rebecca. I will complete this tag as soon as possible.

    I’m glad you have decided to make your writing dream a goal. I hope that you are successful.

  2. I wrote and drove for a long time, too (illegibly, of course), but then one day it occurred to me that I could carry a tape recorder and get the same thoughts down without killing myself or anyone else. Transcribing later was a little bit of a hassle, but it was actually more efficient because I didn’t have to divide my attention between writing and staying in my lane.

  3. Hey I have too many things in my head going on but I do not know how to write and am just learning the ropes on the computer so it will be some time when I will forward the tag. Wishing you all the best in writing and hope that you too become as famous as the one you wrote about!

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