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lovefromatoz.jpeg PG Forte author of the erotic romance WAITING FOR THE BIG ONE  has stopped by Chitchat today to share with us her latest book LOVE FROM A TO Z  and her experience with virtual book tours  but, first a little about her book. 

 Love From A to Z is the sequel to Waiting for The Big One  and the focus is on the hero Zach, who played a small but pivotal part in book one.  In Waiting For The Big One the story of Gabby Brown, dog walker and aspiring actress. Gabby’s a Pisces—you’ll find that out right away—and she’s also somewhat Astrologically obsessed, so she relates everything to the stars. 

But, hey, this is LA! Stars of all types are just part of the mise en scene.

Like everyone else in Los Angeles, Gabby is waiting for The Big One…hence the title. What is the big one? Well, that depends on who you are. It might be the big break that makes you a star. It could be the big quake that will rock the city to its knees. But, in Gabby’s case, it’s something a little more…um, personal.

Gabby’s waiting for the Big O—the elusive, G-spot, ultra orgasm. She thinks she’s found the guy who’ll give it to her when she meets Zach, the super hot musician who’s just moved into her building.

Hi PG,

Welcome to Chitchat it’s very nice to have you here. Your initials PG that’s very strange for a first name. Why do you use initials versus a name?

Hi, Rebecca, it’s great to be here.  Hmm…the initial thing, huh? Well, I suppose, in part, it’s because my original name was sooo long–nineteen letters in total–that shortening it a little seemed like a good idea at the time. And, of course, I do have a small problem with going to extremes.  LOL!

Forte is my husband’s name, which I’ve been using ever since I figured out how much easier it is to go through life with a  five letter last name.  Call me lazy, I don’t mind. But, you know, I think I’m in good literary company including the likes of PG Wodehouse, CS Lewis, PL Travers, JK Rowling, JD Robb and, of course, the very excellent TL Schaefer who happens to be one of my critique partners…which I figure entitles me to bragging rights, at least.

 Have you found it’s easier or more difficult as an author and using initials versus a name?
I don’t know that it’s made much of a difference either way. Although I figure the fact that it is somewhat uncommon has to be a benefit.  I like to think it’s more memorable.  Which is not to say that my original last name isn’t memorable,  It is.  It’s just unpronounceable.  However, once I started writing erotic romance, that PG moniker became a little confusing for some people, which is when I came up with my tagline:  PG…it’s a name, not a rating!
I read that your critique partners dared you to write an erotic short story. Was this the basis for your book?
Yep, I was pushed and shoved into the genre and I really do thank them for that because I enjoy it so much!  That story became the first book in the LA Love Lessons series (available from Liquid Silver Books),  Waiting for the Big One.  My current release, Love From A to Z is kind of a sequel in that the hero, Zach, played a small but pivotal part in book one.  The third book, Let Me Count the Ways, (which, coincidentally, features the hero of book one, Derek, in yet another ‘small but pivotal’ role) is actually something of a prequel…which I only figured out while I was writing it.  Up until then, I thought I was writing in chronological order.

What was your initial opinion about going on a virtual book tour?

Oh, I loved the concept!  Still do, of course. I write what a lot of people consider to be virtual books, after all, so why not a virtual book tour?

At the end of October you will have completed your second virtual tour with Pump Up. How have you benefited from these virtual tours?

Well, I hope I’ve attracted new readers and made some sales I might not have otherwise. But I think the real value is in helping me to get my name out there, making new contacts and, hopefully, piquing people’s interests.  If search engine results are anything to go by, the tours have already been a raging success, IMO.

Is this something you would recommend to other writers?
Absolutely. In fact, I already have.

Do you have any future stories that are waiting to be told?

Oh, yeah. Too many, I sometimes think. In fact I have an entire page on my website devoted to some of my many  works in progress:
Where can readers get a copy of your book?

Both Waiting for the Big One and Love From A to Z are available now from Liquid Silver Books:

Or at Fictionwise:

Information on when Let Me Count the Ways will be released (soon, very soon!!), as well as an excerpt, can be found on my website:
It was a pleasure hosting you at Chitchat. Thank you for stopping by.

Thank you, it’s been a great pleasure for me as well.                                         pg.jpg

PG Forte virtual book tour is brought to you by Pump Up Your Book Promotion.  If you are an author and would like to participate in a virtual book tour contact us here:

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7 thoughts on “Author Interview with PG Forte”

  1. Another great interview PG. Being pushed into writing erotica, hmmm…I wonder if any of my friends would do that for me. LOL!

    Good luck with the rest of the tour. We’re thrilled to have you as a client at Pump Up Your Book Promotion!


  2. Great interview. I have been thinking about just using my initals but to me they are not that good together…I just love this book tour…I wished I could show up everyday thou…

  3. LOL! Thanks so much Cheryl–and I’m thrilled as well. Yep, sometimes it’s good to have pushy friends. 😉

    Hi, Crystal. Well, here’s another nice thing about using initials–it makes signing your name really quick, too. And I’m so glad you’re enjoying the tour–it’s fun, isn’t it?

    But, you know, now I’m going to be eaten up with curiosity. What initials do you have that you don’t think would go well together?


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