Writing Question of the Week – What’s Your Day Job?

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The image of the writer’s life can be glamorous. Do you picture literary authors sitting in a library/office with an oak desk and walnut bookshelves that overlooks an sweeping view of a meadow or trees? Doesn’t it just sound magical?  Maybe, if you’re a well know author like Stephen King, Dean Koontz or JK Rowlings these things are possible, but for the rest of us we still have our day jobs and somehow must find time to write after all of our other responsibilities are completed.

Always wonder what those famous writers did for their day job?

Here are a few;

William Faulkner, author of The sound and The Fury, Light in August among other novels, served as a post master for the University of Mississippi post office.

Herman Melville, author of Moby Dick was a customs inspector for the New York Harbor Authority.

Walt Whitman, poet and author of Leaves of Grass, was a typesetter, a journalist, an itinerant school teacher, and a newspaper editor.

Zane Grey, author of Thunder Mountain among other novels practiced dentistry.

Alice Munro, author of Runaway among other novels, picked tobacco while a university student.

E.B. white, author of Charlotte’s Web, Stuart Little, and The Elements of Style, sold roach powder and played the piano.

What’s your day job and what do you write?

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