Author Interview with Shobhan Bantwal

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thedowrybride2.jpg     Join us here tomorrow when our featured debut author Shobhan Bantwal will be joining us. Shobhan is the author of the Dowry Bride and this is her first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book Promotion.  Shobhan will be talking about her book and the dreaded phase that she went through going from unpublished to published author. She admits that it should have been a time of excitement and celebration but she dreaded the public relations and marketing which are usually associated with cold calling and getting the door slammed in one’s face.  Well, she’ll certainly be surprised when our interview proves to be effortless, she won’t even realize that she’s marketing herself and her book.

THE DOWRY BRIDE SYNOPSIS:One sultry night, Megha overhears an extraordinary conversation. The voices speak of a plot to murder her for failing to produce the promised dowry. Megha is horrified when she realizes her husband and his mother are plotting to kill her! In the moment of panic, she runs for her life. Frantically racing through Palgaum’s deserted streets, her single goal is to escape death by fire.

With nothing but the sari she wears and a memory of kindness, Megha finds her way to Kiran, the one man who has shown her friendship and respect. Hiding her in his apartment, Kiran becomes her protector. But the forbidden attraction that grows between them can only bring more danger.

Caught between their conservative Indian culture and the truths buried in their hearts, a dowry bride and the man who loves her will discover the real cost of the only things worth having in life…

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