A Blog’s Makeover

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Dear Reader,

One day my blog and I were feeling blue and really blogged down. We had a little chitchat (ha! ha!) and decided that we were restricted in being a writers notebook when the blog had expanded to become so much more. Quite literally we felt that we were stuck in a rut, so the only thing to do was to get a complete makeover.

So, with a nip and tuck here and there and a little bit of liposuction, botox injections and a new warddrobe this blog is new and improved.

  • New name; Paperback Writer, the title is less restrictive than Chitchat and All That and focuses on the new pathway. Being a tour coordinator with Pump Up Your Book Promotion and a Freelance Writer has expanded my horizons and I’ve enjoyed each author interview at the blog. 
  • New design; sort of the same width as a paperback book. Makes you feel like you’re reading one. Now, if only the blog would allow you to actually turn the page rather than reading down the screen. To me that’s still the most annoying thing about computers, having to scroll down to read.
  • Comments link;  is now easier to see. This blog is here for you, the reader,  so I invite you to leave a comment.
  • New date;  it’s a bold as the day sitting in the left corner 
  • New tags;  if you can’t find the blog in the future, you might remember one of the tags and can search that way.

Posts that remain the same will include;

  • Word of the Day;  this has gotten some great comments. Nothing can advance my writing more than challenging myself to find books that provide new words outside of my vocabulary.  
  • Question of the week; this will be featured on a weekly basis 
  • Featured authors;  will continue to be spotlighted and maybe we can get some more authors to stop by.

I invite you to visit often and leave comments.

Happy Halloween and Happy Reading!

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This article was written by Rebecca

Rebecca is a book coach and editor. She guides aspiring writers, coaches, entrepreneurs and speakers to become self-published authors so they share their expertise, knowledge and passion. Thinking about writing a book? Contact her today to start writing your book.

One thought on “A Blog’s Makeover”

  1. I like the look of your new and improved website. You can’t go wrong with lavender (the gay color LOL). Keep up the good work and I will let you know if I ever get off my butt and get something published, besides jokes.

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