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Intriguing is the word I would use to describe true crime author Dennis N. Griffin, author of Culotta – The Life of A Chicago Criminal, Las Vegas Mobster, and Government Witness (Huntington Press, July ’07).  Culotta is the biography of Frank Culotta, a former master thief, arsonist, mob tough guy and killer. The book explains in detail his life as a criminal on the streets of Chicago, his days running a crew of thieves and murderers in Las Vegas and life in the federal Witness Protection Program.

Griffin says he first became aware of Frank Culotta when writing his second non-fiction book, The Battle For Las Vegas – The Law vs. The Mob (Huntington Press, July 2006).  He states in his interview at http://pumpupyouronlinepromotion.blogspot.com that as an organized crime buff it was a story he felt compelled to write.

Dennis Griffin is a multi-published author of both fiction and non-fiction books including Blood Money, Killer in Pair-A-Dice, The Morgue, One-Armed Bandit. His blog is addictive with categories, Bugsy Siegel, Chicago Outfit, Joey “the clown” Lombardo, killed in the line of duty. You can find it here; http://www.dennisgriffin.com. Be sure to check out his calendar and catch one of book signings or purchase his books with the easy link to Amazon.

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10 thoughts on “Featured Author Dennis N. Griffin”

  1. Good morning!

    I really appreciate being featured on your site today.

    I’ll check back several times today and try to answer any questions your readers leave for me.

    Denny Griffin

  2. I have a question for the author; When you write a biography about a man (Frank Culotta) whose background and dealings are with crime syndicates, and being in the witness protection program, do you find yourself looking over your shoulder? Are you out of harms way during your investigation and writing and then publication and marketing of your novels?

  3. Rebecca,

    I’ve only had a couple of uncomfortable incidents that may have been connected to my writing true crime.

    When I located Tony Spilotro’s widow, Nancy, and asked if she’d agree to an interview, she reported my call to her son Vincent. He got me on the phone and, in a voice that could have come right out of “The Godfather,” wanted to know exactly who I was and what I wanted. I told him the truth and suggested he check me out, talk things over with his mother and get back to me. Vincent contscted me a few days later and I was granted limited interviews with him and Nancy.

    In that same time frame I began receiving strange phone calls – some threatening, some hang-ups. On top of that, a stranger was spotted loitering near my residence on multiple occasiona. I reported the incidents to the police and some other individuals I’d become acquainted with. The annoying situations stopped quickly and have not resumed. I don’t know who was responsible for the calls, who the stranger in my neighborhood was or what he was up to.


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