Join us on a Virtual Book Tour with Marilyn Celeste Morris

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Beginning December 4, 2007, Marilyn Celeste Morris, self-help and multi-published author will be touring the internet. Join her as she stops at a variety of blogs to discuss details about herself and her book – Diagnosis: Lupus: The Intimate Journal of a Lupus Patient. A wide variety of blogs and blog hosts have been chosen in an effort to make people aware of Lupus and it’s symptoms that go unnoticed for sometimes far too long. With the right kind of medicine Lupus is a treatable disease. You are welcome to visit one stop or all of her stops on the schedule.

Following you will find her author bio, a summary of the book, and the first week of the tour schedule. Links to each of the blogs she will visit will be posted each day on Paperback Writer at

Author Bio –

 Marilyn Morris is a columnist, teacher and author. She has been a frequent guest on radio and television shows. Her writing career began as a guest columnist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and for ten years wrote a weekly humor/human interest column.

She has taught creative writing college courses, survived numerous book signings and speaking engagements. Her first novel, Sabbath’s Room, a paranormal murder mystery was published in 2001. In August 2002, Once A Brat was released.  This novel describes her life as an army daughter during her father’s army career. She relates sometimes hilarious, sometimes wrenchingly sad experiences of an Army officer’s daughter during her father’s 20 year career.

Her latest work was released in an e-book format earlier this year. The Women of Camp Sobingo, although a novel, draws on her mothers experiences as an army wife in a military compound in Seoul, Korea right after WWII.

Join Marilyn in the first week,




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4 thoughts on “Join us on a Virtual Book Tour with Marilyn Celeste Morris”

  1. Best of luck on your second VBT, Marilyn. I’m still hoping Santa brings me The Women of Camp Sobingo. Maybe I can bribe him with favors. Is that illegal? LOL!

    See you along the tour line.


  2. virtual book tour- how clever! i wish you the best, and thank you for taking lupus public. a lot of us shroud our disease in secrecy because of the public misunderstanding of it. someone has to get out there and make it real. thanks for doing so.

  3. The more I talk about lupus, the more people respond with their own stories. We’re all alike, but different with the progression of our disease. That’s what makes it so difficult to live with. There seems to be no “normal” course for lupus. Thanks for sharing with me.

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