The Sky’s Not Falling – Holly Fretwell

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Today, at Paperback Writer we have children’s book author and natural resources policy expert, Holy Fretwell.  Holly is an adjunct professor at Montana State University, and is a research fellow at the Property and Environment Research Center.

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atural resources policy expert, Holly Fretwell. 


School has started. Unfortunately, right along with it comes the usual indoctrination about the “threat” of global warming. Perhaps your kids are already saying…

“I’m scared that every time I ride in the car, I’m hurting polar bears and other animals.”“I’m afraid that people just like me are causing global warming.”“I’m afraid that my favorite outdoor places are going to disappear.”Holly Fretwell, adjunct professor at Montana State University, mom of 2, natural resources allocation expert and author of The Sky’s NOT Falling! Why It’s OK To Chill About Global Warming (ISBN 0976726947, Kids Ahead, for ages 8-12, September 2007) knows that kids are getting an earful in school about global warming. Unfortunately, all too much of that information is misleading or just plain wrong.The Sky’s NOT Falling! is the product of her concern not just for the environment, but for the millions of kids being handed an environmental bill of goods in class. As an educator, a mom and an optimist, Ms. Fretwell envisions a world that is wealthier, and so healthier for all. To get there, however, our kids need to become critical thinkers. And too much of what is passing for “truth” when it comes to the issue of global warming is anything but.

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6 thoughts on “The Sky’s Not Falling – Holly Fretwell”

  1. I just bought Holly’s book for my grandkids to read. I’m so thankfull for people like her who put some degree of sanity back into play. I hope many, many people like her follow suit instead of acting like sheep being led to the slaughter.

  2. Wow, economist Fretwell says we don’t have to worry about something that thousands of climate scientists say we should worry about, so she must be right? Give the children a break!

    The sky is not falling, it is being filled with greenhouse gases that will continue to heat the atmosphere and acidify the oceans long after we finally stop the insanity — IF we stop the insanity. With people like Fretwell spewing “optimism,” we probably don’t stand a chance.

    It is NOT okay to chill about global warming. Three hundred thousand people are now killed every year from the impacts of climate chaos. Millions more are losing their livelihoods, their food security and sources of drinking water, their homes and their entire homelands. Once the Arctic summer sea ice disappears (decades before predicted), people in the Northern Hemisphere will see their own agriculture and food security threatened. Until then, I wish Americans and other arrogant people would stop saying that global warming isn’t a problem. Have a little compassion for the rest of the world, and for your own children, before it’s too late.

    Please, if you love your children and grandchildren, be afraid. Be very afraid. And don’t rely on an economist to tell you the terrible truth about global warming and climate change.

  3. Well, for one, I think Holly Fretwell has written a great book. Of course you know what they say if you to open minded, your brains will fall out. And I don’t worry about what other people think, because they don’t do it very often.

    You know three years ago I started wondering if Global Warming was true. Also, being an advocate of alternative energy I designed and installed a solar water heating system for my home. My brother and I have build a new building to house his business that is a high efficient building and next year we are going to install three different systems so we can become energy independent.

    I have often wondered if the folks taking the Global Warming Alarmist view are just blowing more hot air. If your really concerned about Global Warming, and if it’s that important to you, what have you been doing? Did you install a solar water heating system or a wind turbine, photovoltaic panel, are you driving a more fuel efficient car? Hey, after three years studying the science, I just can’t see that the earth is warming, if anything it’s cooled slightly.

    I am doing my part for mother earth, and I’m not even a environmentalist, I’m just a guy that wants to save some money on my natural gas bill. And believe that our country should be energy independent. I’m sorry if I take the optimist view, I don’t bitch I just get thinks done. Last, I fully intending to buy and give to my 11 year old granddaughter a copy of Holly Fretwell’s book. You and Al Gore are the ones spewing the crap, I suggest you get to studying the science. Even high school kids know more about the science of Climate Change than Al Gore.

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