Time Management Tips For Writers – finding time to write during the holidays

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Three Simple Ways to Find Time to Write during the Holiday Season!

Christmas! what a beautiful time of year, but also a hectic time of year with all the extra things that are required of one to get ready for the big day. Shopping, wrapping, extra errands and holiday parties can certainly cut into writing time. Exhausted from all this and still the big question remains, How am I supposed to find time to write?

  • If you’re a writer and use a computer the internet has to be your friend. If it isn’t get used to it, because it’s not  going away anytime soon. Online shopping it a great way to save time, wear and tear on the car and free up some time to continue writing. If you shop early and order your gifts early usually before the 2nd week of December some places even have free shipping.
  • Learn to say “NO.” There is no need to attend every holiday party that you receive an invitation for. Politely excuse yourself and plan an evening at home in front of the computer listening to your favorite Christmas music.
  • If you’re used to doing a lot of extras at this time of year cut back a little bit. Ask yourelf, “Do all the cookies need to hand made?”  “Does the house really need a deep cleaning, after all, are any of your guests going to look behind the stove for dust bunnies?” If your answer to these were “No,” then ease up a little bit if it means more time for your writing. If you can afford it hire someone to come in and clean a week before Christmas.

With a little bit of planning and preparation the Holidays you can make the holidays a little less stressful and you will have more time for your writing.

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