Dear Charles “Chick” Benetto

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Is life what you make it or do you let it get you down? Charles “Chick” Benetto was one such character in the novel, “For One More Day by Mitch Albom, who needed someone cheering on his side. See what I had to wrote to him in a letter at my blog, Writing Daze.

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7 thoughts on “Dear Charles “Chick” Benetto”

  1. this book found came through the mail for my son to read for school.I picked it up to look at,I didnt put it down until i was done reading it.the words felt like a messege,Im recovering from addiction,and a suicide.

    1. Yes. That happened to me too. For One More Day was wondering on a shelf and bored I picked it up and could not put the book aside until I completely devoured it. It is such an inspiring book that will surely make me appreciate my family and frinds more than ever before. In many ways this book reminds me of Christmas Carol.

  2. i was really touched by the story..i thought charles and everything bout him is real..hahaha..but really its inspire me..thanks…

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