Book Review – Season of Sacrifice – Trist Pinkston

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Book Review by Rebecca Camarena


Season of Sacrifice (a historical novel), by Tristi Pinkston

Published by Golden Wings Enterprises, 2008

ISBN: 978-0-9794340-1-3



Benjamin Perkins was a proud and determined young man who undertook a journey by ship to the United States to worship as he pleased and not be persecuted by others. He embarked on this journey with his family and his wife-to-be. When it could be considered enough to have finally settled in this great land of opportunity and free from religious persecution, Perkins was then called to lead a group of people or Saints, as they were called in the Mormon religion, across the state of Utah and colonize the area that would become known as Bluff. Making roads where nothing had been before, leading hundreds of Saints in faith and spirit on an exploration that was gruesome, difficult and could have ended in tragedy, Perkins always found the courage to continue.  However, it seemed that even this was not enough for one lifetime and he was still asked to do the hardest thing of all and that was to enter into a Polygamous marriage. With his choosing he decided on his wife’s sister to be his second wife.  Is there such a thing as living happily ever after with two wives who are sisters to make it even more difficult?


Author Tristi Pinkston has written a remarkable love story and brought to life the emotion and the spirit that these Saints carried within them. It is an amazing feat that drove these Saints onward and the hardships and sacrifices that were made daily to forge a new life for all the generations that were to follow. Tristi portrays spirit, love and respect that these two sisters shared and they were able to draw upon this to see them through the more difficult times. It is the same spirit, love and respect that strengthened the bonds of these two families in the happy times. I must admit I had a hard time reading about the Polygamous marriage, but Tristi has done an excellent job blending the story with sensitivity and respect and I found myself hoping the sisters would be able to work things out in the end.





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