How To Survive Your Freshman Year – Author Interview

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Paperback Writer is pleased to announce the dynamic duo of Mark Bernstein and Yadin Kaufman and their newest reference trade non-fiction book  “How To Survive Your Freshman Year”


About the Book:

How to Survive Your Freshman Year was compiled from interviews with hundreds of students at over 120 colleges across the country, and includes the latest advice and tips straight from students. The book is sure to help freshmen get off to a great start in college, armed with the experience of hundreds of others who have “been there, done that.” The book also helps parents better understand how their teens can survive and thrive in college, and makes for a great high school graduation gift.

The book’s Special Editor, academic advisor and instructor Frances Northcutt, adds expert advice, guidance and insightful commentary.

How to Survive Your Freshman Year gives students great advice on:

• Getting off to a great start in college

• What to take

• Where to live

• How to get a good roommate

• Dorm Life

• Choosing classes

• When and where to study

• Exams secrets

• Filling free time

• The dating and party scene

• Finances, and

• Choosing a major








 Who’s buying How to Get A’s in College: Hundreds of Student-Tested Tips?  There are three main groups of people picking this glossy, square, lime-green volume off the bookstore shelf or clicking their way through an online purchase.  First, you have the hard-core students looking for a little extra help maintaining their 4.0.  Next, you have the not-so-hard-core students, still reeling after a rough semester, looking for the path that will lead them out of probation.  And finally, you have Mom and Dad (or possibly Grandma, Grandpa, the high school teacher, or the next-door neighbor), looking for a gift that will propel their student towards academic success without preaching or nagging.  How to Get A’s in College meets the needs of all these groups, and more.


When we say this book contains hundreds of student-tested tips, we mean it.  We sent our interviewers (we call them “head-hunters”) to colleges and universities all over the United States to find out what really works for students…  Hundreds of successful college students and grads share their wisdom, stories, tips, and advice on how to get top grades, find the right major, manage time, stay motivated, avoid stress, seek out the best teachers and courses, form important relationships, and graduate—happily—at the top of the class.


Here are just a few examples from the hundreds of short, to-the-point interviews in How to Get A’s in College:


Lindsey Jackson from the University of Georgia suggests,


“Get to know your classmates.  You can get notes from them if you miss a class, call with any questions about class material, and study with them the long night before the test.  Having friends in your classes also helps you keep your sanity; you can pass notes about the professor’s crazy outfit, the party last night, or your weekend plans.  My classmates are the friends I study with before tests and celebrate with after tests.” 


And Danny J. Herrera from the University of California, Berkeley warns,


“Prepare your questions before you go to a professor’s office hours.  I’ve gone into office hours without a clear mind and felt completely put off by my professor.  Avoid feeling embarrassed and know exactly what you want to say before you go in.” 


Along the way, we also found out what doesn’t work.  For example, Lisa E. Uschakow from John Jay College of Criminal Justice told us that:


“You can’t replace the classroom environment.  There’s lots of discussion, you have the chance to ask questions, and you’re absorbing the information while you’re taking notes.  Some students think they can just borrow notes and read chapters in the book and they’ll be up to date, but that’s not what happens.  One teacher gave us an open-notebook test, and some people still couldn’t pass because they haven’t been there often enough.”


And as you flip through How to Get A’s in College, you’ll also see tips from me. I’ve been teaching and advising in American universities for the last decade, and I provide some insider secrets to academic success — like how to talk to your professors, how to conquer your test anxiety, and how to make sure your study group actually helps you study.


The book’s Special Editor, academic advisor and instructor Frances Northcutt, adds expert advice, guidance and insightful commentary.  Fran is an academic advisor in the William E. Macaulay Honors College of the City University of New York at Hunter College.  She has advised students at Wesleyan University, the University of California, Berkeley; and the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, where she also taught classes on college skills and professional development.  Frances is active in the National Academic Advising Association, and was selected as the Outstanding Advisor (Primary Role) for the Mid-Atlantic region in 2006. 


Happy Learning!




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  1. This is an amazing book. I’ve read parts of it and I can’t believe how much advice is packed into its pages. A great gift for any incoming freshman.


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