Authors and Their Books – Leave A Comment- Be A Winner

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Authors and Their Books – Leave A Comment – Be A Winner in August


If you stopped at Paperback Writer today I hope it’s because of your interest in books and the authors who write them. This week we have an exciting array of authors and I hope you’ll bookmark this site and return for all the following author interviews. Leave your comments at the end of each author’s interview and you might find yourself a lucky winner of a $50 Amazon gift certificate at the end of the month.



On Monday we feature David Grant, author of the literary fiction novel, Bleach 1 Blackout. Fans of fluffy romance novels and that all-too-familiar, over-hyped, edge-of-the-seat crap should steer clear. This is life at its most jaded. Bleach 1 Blackout is two novels about drugs, sex, revenge, the corporate crunch, and the inevitable unpleasantness of life and death. If you can’t wait for the interview you can visit his website at













On Tuesday our guest author is Mary Burton, author of the romantic suspense novel, I’M WATCHING YOU. A killer is on the loose. Lindsay O’Neil discovers the first victim in the yard at Sanctuary, the shelter for battered women that she runs in Richmond, Virginia. If that’s not bad enough, the detective who arrives on the scene is recovering alcoholic Zack Kier, her ex-husband. As the killing continues it becomes shockingly clear that Lindsay is being stalked by an enraged murderer and that she and those she loves are targets. If you can’t wait for the interview you can visit her website at












On Wednesday our guest author is Tori Kropp, author of the parenting and pregnancy book, THE JOY OF PREGNANCY. In a light hearted and encouraging tone, Tori Kropp helps mothers-and-fathers-to-be concentrate on the miracle of pregnancy and birth rather than on possible complications. If you can’t wait for the interview you can visit her website at

















On Thursday we are going back into the archives for a little taste of summer with The Bikini Season by author Sheila Roberts. Erin Merritt has returned to her scenic hometown of Heart Lake to plan her wedding, but when she repeatedly runs into her childhood crush, she wonders if she’s engaged to the wrong man. To make matters worse, all the stress is making her eat, and now she can’t fit into her wedding dress.Erin enlists the help of her cooking club–Angela, Megan and Kizzy–and the Teeny Bikini Diet Club is born. The women make a pact to get slim enough to wear their bikinis to the lake by summertime, and it changes their lives forever. With a little help from her friends, Angela faces fears that her marriage is crumbling. Megan confronts the self-esteem issues that have always held her back. Kizzy deals with her husband’s efforts to sabotage her diet and keep her overweight. And Erin learns some important truths about love.

Pull up your favorite beach chair and savor this funny, inspiring story about being true to yourself, following your heart and the women who enrich our lives.










On Friday we feature Paul Kiritsis, author of the literary collection, HERMETICA: MYTHS, LEGENDS, POEMS. Hermetica is a Homeric journey into the night where the world of dream and symbols has sculpted our mythological past. Using the language of alchemy, astrology and magic this tome seeks to reconstruct the lost bonds between old myths contained in the oral folklore of Ancient Egypt; stories which once served as the backbone of a religion centered around Osirian ritual – the cosmic cycles of death, dismemberment and resurrection. If you can’t wait for the website you can visit his website at







Have a great week and check back with us next Sunday for another exciting week of authors and their books at Paperback Writer.



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  1. I love Paul Kiritsis, Kiritsis is a very creative and talented writer. He obviously is wonderfully educated in the subjects he writes of and this definitely shines through in his stories. Not unlike ancient oral and written literature, Kiritsis’ stories also have lessons to teach.

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