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Paperback Writer welcomes our author for today Oscar Naval, author of the Personal Growth / Mind-Body-Spirit book, Full Body Orgasm: Your Energy to Love, Health, Wealth and Happiness on his first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book Promotion! Grab a cup of coffee and donut and read along with us as we find out what the author has to say about finding balance in life and how he came up with the idea for this book.

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“Finding balance in all aspects of life has given me the happiness that has eluded me for most of my life. It has given me a life that was once only dreamt potential. By taking responsibility and owning my problems I have been able to find peace within myself. And, by honoring truth with humility I have found a new lease on life. Real friendships, love, and companionship are what I had hoped for, dreamt, and have found.”

About the Book:

FULL BODY ORGASM is about feeling unrestrained joy and pleasure in every way, everyday!
This book takes a holistic view of the meaning and the function of the orgasm in the broader sense of the word as it relates not only to sexuality (the body) but in the mind and spirit as well. Living in a physical world where you may commute to work, buy groceries, cook the meals, pay the bills, raise your children, clean the house and go on vacations, you can balance and live a life of peak experiences in everything you do.
The full body orgasm (FBO) is continuous joy and pleasure that opens the doors of peak experiences in all aspects of life. In other words, if you can fully experience that energy of an FBO, then you will experience joy and pleasure in everything you do in life.



Hi Oscar

Welcome to Paperback Writer.

Would you share with us how you came up with the idea for your book?

I wrote the book because, as a Body-centered Psychotherapist, many people over the years have asked, “How do I create loving, joyous, and pleasurable peak experiences every day, in every way in my life?”

You know how most people are just getting through life? They’re just surviving in their career, business, financial life, well-being, and their relationships. They are accepting a life of mediocrity and not having what I call the “Full Body Life Experience” or what I coined the “FBO Life” for short. A graphic term, but perhaps the best way to communicate to those “Doubting Thomases” how extraordinary it is possible to feel each and every day.

The orgasm – physically, mentally, and spiritually – is as natural as the Earth revolving around the sun. It is a birth rite to have unrestrained joy and pleasure in everything you do. For most people the orgasm may be analogous to a sneeze – a pelvic sneeze, if you will. There is a slight build up and then, “Ah-choo!” It’s over – and so goes their life too.

I have a vision that “if everyone swept their own doorstep we would live in a cleaner, brighter world”. In other words, clean up your own personal act and there will be an end to war, famine, and strife. Closer to home there would be an end to domestic violence, suicides, and more love in the family.

There is a need for everyone to know, understand, and experience the quest for life of true happiness and joy. Not that bottled champagne- cork frivolity that one feels when someone cracks a particularly funny joke kind-of joy – but that effervescent, undeniable, long lasting joy that oozes from some people in the most contagious way. I wrote the book so people could benefit from a complete, balanced, and joyous FBO Life.

Was it a light bulb moment or something that you thought about for a very long time?

About 12 years ago after years working in Silicon Valley as technical writer, trainer, and engineer I felt burnt out. At that time I was drawn to go to Comdex, the largest consumer electronics trade show in Las Vegas. I went looking for something, anything to fulfill me. I went, I thought, to discover the latest technology to further my technical career.

I did not feel as though I belonged as I walked through the rows and rows of trade show exhibits. So I decided to go to the nearby state park, “The Valley of Fire”, for a hike where I got lost.

The Las Vegas area receives about six inches of rain a year and it got all of it that day and night. As I shivered uncontrollably, I knew I was in the first stages of hypothermia. Soon my mind was wandering and I asked myself, “If I were to die this night what would my life have meant?” A little voice kept answering, “Nothing.”

I knew that my life would never be the same after this experience.

Within weeks I was separated from my wife of 10 years, and I was selling off of the dream house, furniture, and all the “stuff.” I traveled aimlessly trying to find something. I did not know, what I did not know that I needed to find. I started traveling, visiting the landlines of the druids, meditated at the standing stones in Ireland and Wales, saw the oracle at Delphi in Greece, and had my head in the clouds in Sedona, Arizona.

In my searching, I discovered the meditative underwater world. I became a Scuba instructor in Florida and worked as a dive instructor in Hawaii. There
I discovered the soothing land of the Hawaiian Islands and the mystical world of the natives. I studied the Hawaiian ideals of the family, spiritual energy of Mana, Hono’Pono Pono, and later became a Lomi Lomi massage therapist. Spiritual growth and my health also became important.

Through all these experiences, my personal relationships were still faltering. I had various dysfunctional love relationships and numerous meaningless sexual relationships. All of this left me empty and alone.

I came to Australia on a tourist visa with a Scuba dive buddy to dive the Great Barrier Reef. After several meaningless relationships, I visited Byron Bay in New South Wales for the millennium and played an active part in the community celebration. From there, my path led me to Western Australia, where I felt the pain of yet another failed relationship. I had reached the lowest part of my life. I wanted to know how I could achieve happiness.

I was introduced to Core Energetics Body-Centered Psychotherapy. It is the integration of personal therapeutic processes for the mind, body, and spirit.
For the first time in my life, I was confronted with getting in touch with the pain of the emptiness inside me. Although I went to the darkest, ugliest depths of myself, I discovered a freedom in my soul. I decided to stay in Australia and focus mostly on my personal growth to find the real me. I had to get back to my central core and discover the truth about myself. I faced the demons from my childhood hurt of not having a father and the distorted, neurotic way I had approached relationships.

By finding help I was able to allow myself to feel. Feel the truth of who I am. Feel the truth in a given moment. Feel that life was meant to be lived to the fullest joy and pleasure in everything I did.

I knew that somehow and someway I needed express myself by means of my personal growth. The point in my life I made up my mind I was going to become a published author was 12 years ago when that little voice kept answering that my life meant “Nothing.”


How did you come up with the title?

I knew that I was going to write a personal growth book based on my Body-centered Psychotherapist training and practice. When I first approached possible publishers and marketing people about the book concept, I started talking about personal growth and body-mind-spirit. I pitched a few titles at them and basically they all yawned.

They said to come up with at least 25 titles and subtitles for the book. I started with “Balancing Wisdom and Energy” and one concept had a picture of my then 2 year old son with the title “Finding Your Inner Child”. When I got to over 25 titles, I started to think about the core information that my book was to based on and remembered one of the required readings was “Function of the Orgasm” by Reich and my book is about harnessing life’s joyous energy. One of the dictionary definitions for orgasm (beyond the sexual reference) is ‘unrestrained joy and pleasure.’ Suddenly “Full Body Orgasm” as a title made sense.


How did you find an agent and publisher?

The book, “Full Body Orgasm – Your Energy to Love, Health, Wealth, and Happiness” was not rejected since it is essentially self-published with Morgan-James Publishing and LifeSuccess Publishing.


Who reads you work in progress?

Not only is my wife, Lisa an inspiration in my life, she was able to help read and edit my work.


Who made a difference in the book’s quality?

Again my wife, Lisa an inspiration in my life, she was able to help read and edit my work. Also, my friend and clinical psychologist, Mary Goslett gave me many ideas and said I need to describe the psychological concepts in an easy and humorous manner. That’s when I expanded the character description in terms of the TV show character’s in “Friends”.


How long did it take you to complete the first draft?

It took about 6 months.

How long did it take from start to publication?

It took about a year.

Do you have any advice for new authors?

JUST DO IT! The only caveat to ‘Just Do It!’ is to do it with passion and fun.

My intention for you is to live a life of unrestrained joy and pleasure in everything you do.

You can reach Oscar at his website; www.FBO-Book.com

Thank you, Oscar for stopping by Paperback Writer on your virtual book tour. I wish you continued success through the rest of you tour.


FULL BODY ORGASM VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR ’08 will officially begin on September 2, ’08 and end on September 26, ’08. You can visit Oscar’s tour stops at www.virtualbooktours.wordpress.com in September to find out more about him and his new book!
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