A Worthy Muslim – Author Interview – Amir Makin

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Paperback Writer welcomes author Amir Makin, author of the nonfiction book, A Worthy Muslim: Quranic Tools Needed to Overcome Oppression and Imperialism in Order to Institute Justice (A.I.C. Publications, May ’08). Amir is on his first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book Promotion!

Amir Makin found Al Islam on an unexpected yet fruitful journey to Africa. Having always been intrigued with issues of the oppressed masses, he quickly learned how this way of life directed all to defend and protect the indigent from tyranny while preserving the dignity of the dispossessed. Since that time, he has instilled in himself and advanced the type of analysis that leads to positive change throughout society. You can visit his website at www.unworthymuslim.com.

This material provides an examination of the Islamic way of life and offers solutions to problems concerning situations of injustice which underprivileged minority communities in different parts of the world regularly experience. Socioeconomic issues such as racism, poverty and legal system imbalances are analyzed. The author compares these issues with the religious texts of Islam and identifies imperative tools needed to successfully overcome and conquer them. What does Islam say about tyrants? Why is Islam not a religion? The answers offered here address these questions and more.

This book explains how oppressed communities can handle and overcome oppression by seriously examining the practice of true Islam. The author analyzes the difference between what is incorrectly perceived as Islam and the way of life called Al Islam while also detailing how different prophets implemented Quranic teachings when standing against injustice. Information is then used to examine real world situations of oppression that occur in today’s climate with a particular emphasis on the disadvantaged and impoverished of American society from not only a socioeconomic standpoint, but a psychological and spiritual vantage as well.

Hi Amir Makin

Welcome to Paperback Writer.

Would you share with us how you came up with the idea for your book?

First, let me thank you for allowing me to share this information with your readership. In writing A Worthy Muslim: Quranic Tools Needed to Overcome Oppression and Imperialism in Order to Institute Justice I first got the idea when I began to notice a lack of concern among some but not all within the Muslim community to be committed to work for socioeconomic and political independence with the same veracity as they were to look for a job. I began to realize that they had problems seeing a connection between Middle East or Iraq or Africa, terrorism and how they relate to our condition here at home. Partly as a result of this, I noticed that several people were getting the impression that Muslims were not supposed to get involved in social, political and economic development. So I asked myself is there a way I can address this and get people to understand the facts on Sunni Muslims at the same time? After analyzing and agonizing over this I narrowed it down to several key points designed to prove that not only Muslims have this duty, but also how to carry out that duty. The logical solution was to write a book for all to read and ponder.

Was it a light bulb moment or something that you thought about for a very long time?

I actually toyed with the idea for years, and I thought surely someone would come along with a unique perspective and show the diverse applications of the Qur’an when dealing with heavy issues such as internalized oppression. But none ever did. After searching for what appeared to be forever, I finally arrived at the conclusion that since I recognized the issue, I must accept my duty to address it and try to change as much about it as possible. At the time I began to write the book it was Ramadan (the month of fasting) so I was completely focused on putting as much detail as I could possibly explain.

How did you come up with the title?

By studying the process of human development I began to realize that everything happens in stages as the Qur’an states and I began to understand how to recognize those stages. I began to examine certain social problems every society has dealt with in human civilization such as racism, war, and poverty. I realized that certain people were more disaffected by them than others, but all of these problems remained consistent throughout human history. Even though all societies have their own systems, there had to be a way to sum up these systems in a few words. All civilizations and their governments want history to remember them as being extremely important, so they stress or in some cases force their citizens to adopt a pride or absolute loyalty to them. However, a person can’t have this if they feel their very humanity has been devalued. In other words, everyone must have their own sense of self worth. So it became a way to communicate the message that those whom any society has devalued are seen as priceless treasures according to the Qur’an. This message has not been communicated as well as it could have been in today’s world. This book draws that parallel.

How did you find an agent and publisher?

The great thing about A.I.C Publications, LLC which stands for the Active Institute of Consciousness is that they pride themselves on publishing literature dedicated to not only uplifting those most left out or considered outcasts but also examines their conditions, and develop strategies designed for them to improve their situations. For me finding A.I.C Publications, LLC as not only a publisher, but also as an agent was like a hand to a glove.

Who reads you work in progress?

My first critic is my wife. She’s pretty good about catching some of the little things I overlook or take for granted. Once I’ve gotten past her critiques I perform another read of her suggestions before my work goes to editing.

Who made a difference in the book’s quality?

I would have to say the same people that inspired it initially. When I was initially trying to discover a way to reach them specifically, I would run some of the precepts past a few individuals that had no knowledge of the subject matter. Once I was able to establish that I wrote in a language where those unfamiliar with the content could easily understand the book, I knew was close to completion. This technique forced me to write the book with a non Islamic audience in mind. It’s really ironic when you think about it.

How long did it take you to complete the first draft?

It took me one year to complete a draft I was happy to let others see. It’s extremely amazing and quite funny at the same time. I was writing a book for all the to see, and yet I was hesitant about letting others view it!

How long did it take from start to publication?

Two years total from start to finish. It truly was a labor of love that I plan to do again and again. I’m currently planning on releasing three new titles in 2009.

Do you have any advice for new authors?

Develop your goal which should be to finish your book. Make sure you give 110% and the rewards will reach beyond your imagination. As this is Ramadan, I’m offering an opportunity for a book giveaway which will conclude at the end of Ramadan (projected date is October 2, 2008). This will require reader participation of which the complete details can be found on my blog. Thanks again.

Thank you, Amir Makin for stopping by Paperback Writer on your virtual book tour. I wish you continued success through the rest of you tour.

A WORTHY MUSLIM VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR ’08 will officially begin on September 2, ’08 and end on September 26, ’08. You can visit Amir’s tour stops at www.virtualbooktours.wordpress.com in September to find out more about him and his new book!
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