No Experts Needed – Author Interviews – Louise Lewis

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louiselewisPaperback Writer welcomes author Louise Lewis, author of the inspirational book, No Experts Needed: The Meaning of Life According to You! (iUniverse, Inc., May ’07), as she virtually tours the blogosphere in January on her first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book Promotion!

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About the book:
Losing a job always delivers a hard blow, but it was especially hard for forty-something author Louise Lewis, one of many victims of the technology industry’s dotcom implosion. No Experts Needed: The Meaning of Life According to You! tells the story of how she pulled herself together and discovered a new life of meaning.

Just minutes after being “set free”, Lewis, a single woman with a mortgage to pay, sits in the San Jose, California, airport panicking over her future. While toying with the option of giving into depression, she receives a powerful message from God that instantly releases the weight of her worries. “This is just a new chapter in your life. You hold the pen, I’ll guide your hand, and together we’ll write one hell of a chapter.” Through Spirit’s continued involvement, Lewis is inspired to ask normal, everyday people to answer Spirit’s question: what is the meaning of life?

No Experts Needed: The Meaning of Life According to You! weaves through a vast collection of spontaneous, thought-provoking answers and inspirational stories that demonstrate how the simple act of listening to Spirit can add meaning to every moment of your life.

Hi Louise,

Welcome to Paperback Writer.

Would you share with us how you came up with the idea for your book?

The idea of asking people to answer one question during my travels
around the world (and my own backyard) came from Oprah. One
particular show aired just a few weeks after I got “set free” (laid off)
from my job. …No accidents in life!

Was it a light bulb moment or something that you thought about for a very long time?

More like a thunderbolt! While watching that Oprah episode, I got so
excited that my toes couldn’t stop wiggling in my shoes! Never before
watching that episode had I ever thought of doing a project like this.
And the even better story is when Spirit told me what question to ask.

How did you come up with the title?

I asked an ex-coworker to participate in the book. After asking
her the ‘meaning of life’ question, she replied: “If Plato and
Socrates and those guys couldn’t come up with an answer, “who
am I to even try?” In hearing her reply, the hair on the back of my neck stood on
end. “Oh, noooooo!” I thought, “You don’t need an expert to tell
you your own meaning of life!”

Now don’t get me wrong, reading about what the “experts” have
to say is okay. There are many great minds in our world (past
and present.) But I think to find contentment, peace in life, you
must learn to think for yourself…rely on yourself and trust the
Truth you hold in the silence of your heart.

How did you find an agent and publisher?

I tried for a bit the agent/publisher route. But when I received
enough “Dear Author” letters to wallpaper my office, I knew I
had two choices, to keep up the search, which may take
forever to never or publish it myself.

The driving force for me to self-publish was that I wanted my
Mom to see it in print before she would pass away. (Thank God,
the old girl is still with us!)

Who reads you work in progress?

Mostly my family and close friends.

Who made a difference in the book’s quality?

It was a joint effort with my relationship with the publisher.

How long did it take you to complete the first draft?


How long did it take from start to publication?

About six years. Since No Experts Needed tells the story of
my Spirit-led adventure, I had to first live it and then write about it.

Do you have any advice for new authors?

Always follow your Spirit. It will answer all the how/what/when
questions that arise.

Thank you, Louise for stopping by Paperback Writer on your virtual book tour. I wish you continued success through the rest of you tour.

NO EXPERTS NEEDED VIRTUAL BLOG TOUR ’09 will officially begin on January 5 and end on January 30. You can visit Louise’s blog stops at in January to find out more about this talented lady!

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