The Pursuit of Something Better – Author Interview – Dave Esler and Myra Kruger

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Something Better coverPaperback Writer would like to introduce our authors for today, Dave Esler and Myra Kruger, authors of the business/leadership/business ethics book, The Pursuit of Something Better: How an Underdog Company Defied the Odds, Won Customers’ Hearts, and Grew It’s Employees into Better People (Esler Kruger Associates, Inc.), as they virtually tour the blogosphere in July on their first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book Promotion!

About the Authors:
Dave Esler and Myra Kruger combined their 30 years of corporate communications, human resources, and consulting experience as Esler Kruger Associates in 1987. Their consulting firm focuses on culture change, organizational surveys, and executive counsel on effective leadership. They are based in Highland Park, Illinois and can be reached at

About the Book:

The Pursuit of Something Better tells the story of the transformation of U.S. Cellular from a thoroughly ordinary company—ranked eighth in its industry and in danger of extinction—into an organization that is loved by employees and customers alike, and a proven winner by every measure.

Even more impressive is how this transformation took place. U.S. Cellular focused on the “soft stuff” so often discredited by conventional business wisdom; values and heart; inspirational and empowering leadership; motivation by values, not fear; ethics and integrity and an insistence on always doing the right thing. Most of all, U.S. Cellular thrived by obsessively putting the customer, and the quality of the customer experience, first.

The Pursuit of Something Better is also the story of Jack Rooney, the unconventional CEO who had the vision to see the limitations of the traditional business model a decade before it imploded, and the courage to replace it with something much, much better.

Hi David and Myra,

Welcome to Paperback Writer.

Q: Would you share with us how you came up with the idea for your book?

A: We have consulted for corporations, government and non-profits for 30 years. In that time, we have surveyed more than a million and a half employees. We have had one-on-one interviews with thousands of leaders. In gathering all that research, the evidence became overwhelming that there really is a better way to engage employees and achieve results that the traditional model that has been in place for centuries. We occasionally sighted that rare organization or that unusual leader who understood that most of the employees in their organizations were alienated from their enterprises, and that there was tremendous untapped commitment and creativity being left on the table. We kept searching, and then we had the wonderful opportunity to engage with Jack Rooney, who shared our belief and was determined to put such a model into place.

Q: Was it a light bulb moment or something that you thought about for a very long time?

A: We discussed it and kept notes on it for about 5 years.

Q: How did you come up with the title?

A: The title, The Pursuit of Something Better, evolved very naturally from the results that U.S. Cellular has accomplished through their business model. The incredible commitment of the work force, the love employees have for the company, the pristine ethical climate in the organization all are truly something better than we have ever observed.

Q: How did you find an agent and publisher?

A: We received a referral from a U.S. Cellular employee who read the book and wanted to see the story become public.

Q: Who reads your work in progress?

A: We engaged a book editor, Catherine MacCoun, after the finished draft to help us edit it for publishing.

Q: Who made a difference in the book’s quality?

A: We owe the printing quality to a good friend who runs a printing company in Chicago.

Q: How long did it take you to complete the first draft?

A: We worked on the draft off and on for about 8 months.

Q: How long did it take from start to publication?

A: A little more than a year.

Q: Do you have any advice for new authors?

A: Believe in your story so you can tell it with conviction, specifics, example and glee.

Thank you, David and Myra, for stopping by Paperback Writer on your virtual book tour. I wish you continued success through the rest of you tour.

Dave Esler and Myra Kruger’s THE PURSUIT OF SOMETHING BETTER VIRTUAL BLOG TOUR ’09 will officially begin on July 6 and end on July 31. You can visit their blog stops at during the month of July to find out more about this great book and talented author!

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