What I Wish I Had When I Started Internet Marketing

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What You Should KnowPaperback Writer is please to introduce our author for today, Author Phyllis Zimbler Miller, and her latest e-book and motivation for Launching an Online Product. Phyllis Zimbler Miller’s company has just launched We Teach Web Marketing to help people promote their brand, book or business. She’s also a National Internet Business Examiner at Internet Biz Blogger and the author of the novel Mrs. Lieutenant

What I Wish I Had When I Started Internet Marketing
by Phyllis Zimbler Miller.

All my life my best projects for others have been the projects I did for selfish reasons – something I wanted. Thus, after spending thousands of dollars and hours learning internet marketing, being overwhelmed, piecing together answers from different gurus, I decided to create the program I wish I’d had when I started marketing my novel MRS. LIEUTENANT online.

This, then, is the motivation behind the Miller Mosaic Internet Marketing Program whose details can be found at www.WeTeachWebMarketing.com. It’s a monthly program that will cover all major areas of internet marketing but at a pace that isn’t overwhelming.

Once the decision was made to develop such a program, my business partner (and younger daughter) Yael K. Miller and I had to figure out how to deliver this program at a very reasonable monthly membership fee and in an easy-to-learn format.

This led us to several months of researching membership programs, the software for such programs, etc. Finally we decided we were ready to launch the program.

And then I got the idea of writing an online journal of the month before the launch – sharing all the steps we had to take to launch the “information product” – the internet marketing membership site.

I decided to use my Examiner.com beat (www.InternetBizBlogger.com) as the site of the chronicle of this pre-launch month. I wrote six articles a week for the whole month of June outlining everything I did so that other people could use my steps as a blueprint for their own future online product launch. Or they could use these steps as general information about internet marketing.

At the conclusion of June I had enough articles to edit them slightly and combine them into an e-book to share the information with others in a handier format than printing out each Examiner.com article. And this is the genesis of the e-book What You Should Know About the Launch of an Online Information Product.

Then Susan Chodakiewitz — who took a virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book Promotion in July for her children’s picture book TOO MANY VISITORS FOR ONE LITTLE HOUSE — suggested I take a virtual book tour with this e-book. And since I recommended Susan to Pump Up after I took a virtual book tour in June of 2008 for my novel MRS. LIEUTENANT, of course I said: What a fantastic idea!

Here I am – it’s August and I’m on tour for my e-book What You Should Know About the Launch of an Online Information Product.

Note – the link below is to my shopping cart page for the e-book. There will be a page link to my website although it’s not set up yet.


Anatomy of an Information Product Launch

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