Thursday Thirteen – Thirteen things about the mysterious Keziah Theriot

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Everyone – from the other characters to readers – is fascinated with Keziah Theriot. Author Gale Laure illuminates us with thirteen things about her character, Keziah “Kizzy” Theriot from the novel, Evolution of a Sad Woman.

1. Kizzy’s physical beauty is unmatched by any woman. Her emerald green eyes, full pink lips, dimples, flawless skin and perfect figure are every man’s dream and every woman’s envy.

2. Not only physical but emotional, Kizzy has a power over men.

3. Kizzy hates cigarette smoke. It makes her sneeze her unique sneeze of three tiny sneezes in a row.

4. Kizzy’s mother died of pneumonia when she was twelve years old.

5. Kizzy’s father died of cancer when she was fourteen years old.

6. Kizzy does not want to be just an actress. She wants to be a movie star.

7. Kizzy never thinks of or acknowledges her own weaknesses or faults.

8. Kizzy sees the world in her own way. It is a way unlike anyone else. When others hear the way she sees things, it often brings them around to think her way.

9. Kizzy is talkative and passionate about everything. She does nothing halfway.

10. Like a chameleon, Kizzy seems to change to accommodate others. She knows what others want and need. She has a way of being true to herself and fulfilling them.

11. Kizzy has a kind and gentle heart. She cares for the homeless and hungry even if it is an animal.

12. Kizzy loves hamburgers with extra onions.

13. No matter how long anyone has known Kizzy, she will always surprise him or her. She remains as elusive and enigmatic as the first day they met her.

Mystery is – and always will be – Kizzy’s charm.

About the Author:
Gale Laure, a native Texan, is the international selling author of Evolution of a Sad Woman, a mystery, suspense, thriller and romance novel. She resides in a small suburban town in the Houston area with her husband and family. Laure’s hobbies include genealogical research, movies, creating stories for the children around her, involvement in her church and people watching. She is busy at work editing her second novel, The Bunkhouse, and writing the sequel to Evolution of a Sad Woman. It is entitled Alana – Evolution of a Woman. As mysterious as her book, Laure writes under a pseudonym. Adamant about maintaining her privacy and the privacy of her family, she keeps her identity a mystery!

About the Book: Five very different men – all strangers – are drawn together to solve a murder by an uncommon thread – the love of the same beautiful woman, Kizzy. When she is murdered, they pull their past into their present, their present explodes, and their future is filled with surprise and changed forever! When police detective Evan Picard, attorney William Newton, cabdriver Jimmy Smithson, former pro-football player turned used car salesman Tom Hastings and Father C.D. Casmiersky are forced together – personalities explode, tensions build and relationships develop. The ending to this chapter of their lives and to Kizzy’s murder will have a surprise none of them will ever expect. You can visit her website at

For more information about Gale Laure or her novel, Evolution of a Sad Woman, visit or her blog .

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This article was written by Rebecca

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20 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen – Thirteen things about the mysterious Keziah Theriot”

  1. Thank you mystery book reader for your comment. Yes, it would be interesting to know if the author has given her character aspects of herself. I have to say I really like this Thursday 13 it really give you a sense of who the character is. Can’t wait to read the book. Thanks for stopping by Gale.

  2. mystery book reader,

    I have been asked that question a lot. I can tell you Kizzy is a very complicated lady. She has so many sides.

    Oh, wouldn’t you like to know! (laughs) I will never tell.


  3. Hi Gale and Becky,

    I’m late to the party again! So much to do this time of year. Becky, this Thursday 13 came out great, as you said, it really lets us get to know Kizzy.

    Gale, I have to ask, what is up with the cigarette smoke? Just a quirk or is there some greater meaning that I can only find out if I read the book?

    Also, you were pretty mean to poor Kizzy, taking both of her parents in the span of two years. Do you feel guility? LOL!

    Best of luck with the tour.


  4. Cheryl,
    Thanks for your great questions. This character sure has mounting obstacles in front of her with losing both parents in the span of two years. I wonder what other obstacles she has to overcome?

  5. Cheryl,
    Kizzy is allergic to cigarette smoke. It sets off her allergies and makes her sneeze. It is a physical malady. Kizzy has many obstacles and traumas in her life. Some of them change he forever. But she keeps trodding along through life as many of us do.

    And, no, Cheryl. I do not feel guilty LOL! It was part of the story and it served a very important mission.

    Thanks for blogging in,Cheryl.

    Good to hear from you again, too, Rebecca.


  6. I’m always late to the party, lol. Like my grandmother used to say, “I’d be late for my own funeral.” I just wanted to stop by and thank Becky for hosting Gale today and say good look to our friend, Gale, on her virtual book tour!

  7. Dear pump up your book, no-one is ever late to the party, were here all day and then some. That’s the great thing about blogging, the interviews are always avaiable. It was a pleasure to have you visit.

  8. pumpupyourbook,

    I promise you – you will not be late for your own funeral. LOL With all this good luck I am receiving from all these sweet people, I have to be a success!

    Thanks for blogging in today. Great to hear from you.


  9. Sounds like my type of read. Kizzy reads to be a lot like someone I’m friends with, or someone I could be friends with. 🙂

  10. Thank you for your comment Babeet. Doesn’t Kizzy just sound like the type of person anyone could like? I hope we are perceiving this the correct way. Any comments Gale?

  11. Babeet,
    Actually I think Kizzy could have beenn a good friend. She does have one friend in the book. However, even the friendship ends with disastrous circumstances. Poor Kizzy.

    Thanks for blogging in Babeet.


  12. “She does have one friend in the book. However, even the friendship ends with disastrous circumstances. Poor Kizzy.”

    So you torture her even more? Oh Gale, remind me not to tick you off. LOL! Has anything good ever happened to Kizzy?

    I like this book more and more each time I learn more about it. Do you think Santa will put it in my stocking?


  13. Another great question. These comments have been so good today that it’s a shame they are in the comments section. Maybe, I should create an new entry with just the comments.

  14. Cheryl,
    Kizzy does have some wonderful things happen to her. You learn about them in the book(s) – there are sequels – also.
    I hope Santa does put it in your stocking. Tell Santa it is available all over the place. If the elves have trouble finding it, they need to check out my website and the Gale Laure Bookstore page. HoHoHo!


  15. Good night, everyone.

    It is 7:30 pm in Texas. I have a very important dinner to attend with my sweet husband.

    I want to thank everyone for blogging in today. The questions and discussion have been wonderful.

    I want to thank Paperback Writer and Rebecca for hosting me today. It was fun!

    I will be checking back sporadically for any future questions or comments.


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