Murder in Baker Company – author interview – Cilla McCain

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Join Cilla McCain, author of the true crime military book MURDER IN BAKER COMPANY: How Four American Soldiers Killed One of Their Own (Chicago Review Press, Feb ‘10), as she virtually tours the blogosphere in March on her first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book Promotion!

About the BookMurder in Baker Company begins as a journey to uncover the truth about what happened to Army Specialist Richard Davis. By using court transcripts, personal interviews, and police records, Cilla McCain unfolds the events of the case and soon reveals a disturbing, eye-opening look into today’s military that goes beyond the Davis case and that affects all troops and their families.

Soldiers are handed antipsychotic drugs and sent into battle. Treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder is stigmatized. Gang members carry their affiliation from the streets to the barracks. And many of our soldiers are forced to face down two separate enemies, one in the same uniform they wear. By the end of the book the reader will learn the devastating truth about the injustice and disrespect our military families are forced to endure when their soldier dies a non-combat death.

About Cilla McCainCilla McCain works within all genres of the literary field with a focus on the injustices of society.

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“In November 2003, a letter typed on Fort Benning stationery and signed “Men of Baker Company” was mailed to members of the local media and legal communities of nearby Columbus, Georgia. In the letter, these unknown soldiers, just back from America’s march through Baghdad, pleaded for help. They complained of war atrocities committed by commanders, and of mental health problems that were being ignored by the U.S. Army.
Told by their superior officers to keep these matters quiet because a leak would be embarrassing, the soldiers had to be secretive in their attempts to let people know the hell they were enduring. Along with the letter, anonymous tips were phoned in to local newspaper reporters asking them to investigate these issues. In the letter, their desperation is obvious and heart-wrenching. These young men, who put their lives on the line in service of their country, were now begging total strangers to come to their aid.”

Cilla McCain’s MURDER IN BAKER COMPANY VIRTUAL BLOG TOUR 2010 will officially begin on March 1 and end on March 26. You can visit Cilla’s blog stops at during the month of March to find out more about this great book and talented author!

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