Raindrops – Author Interview – Brian McClure

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Though the uplifting rhymes and profound messages of acceptance, respect and understanding, author Brian D. McClure educates and entertains children, parents and grandparents in the adventurous journey of The Raindrop. In this story, The Raindrop experiences many emotions as it travels from feelings of uselessness to the discovery of its importance and Interdependence of all things big and small.
The Raindrop like the other seven books in The Brian D. McClure Children’s book series offer universal life lessons that empower and educate the whole family.

Hi Brian,

Welcome to Paperback Writer

Q: Will you share with us how you came up with the idea for this book?

A: I was standing in the shower one morning and the words the raindrop popped into my head. I thought that was interesting since drops of water were falling on my head from the shower, so I typed those two words onto the computer screen and the story started.

Q: Do you plan your stories first with an outline or does it come to you as write it?
A: I never plan my stories; they just come one day at a time.

Q: Do you know the end of the story at the beginning?
A: I have never known the end to any of the stories I have written. In fact, I don’t even know the middle when I’m working on the beginning!

Q: Do you have a process for developing your characters?
A: No, they are a mystery to me also!

Q: It is said that authors write themselves into their characters. Is there any part of you in your characters and what they would be?
A: I would have to say, that I am somewhere in every character I have ever written about over the course of my life.

Q: What is your most favorite part about this book?
A: My favorite part is at the end of the book, after the raindrop has awakened to every-things value. The drop finds itself trying to comfort the cloud, but at the same time knows there is nothing he can do but observe. That is the same position all humans are in, when we find ourselves struggling with our own personal beliefs. It is only through our awakening that we are freed from the self-imposed bondage.

Q: When in the process of writing your book did you begin to look for a publisher?
A: I didn’t, as books were coming through me one after the other. I finally shut the faucet off after eight books had been written and decided to start a publishing company.

Q: What struggles have you had on the road to being published?
A: The only struggles I’ve had have been with the learning curve! There is more to publishing than just writing a good story and having great artwork…

Q: What has been the best part about being published?
A: The best part about being published is when people find value and hidden truths the stories! That’s why they were written, to help others to awaken to deeper truths that reside within all of us.

Q: What do you want readers to remember and carry with them after reading your books?
That what we believe, is what we create, and each of us has a hand in creating our world.

Q: Do you have plans to write another book?
A: I’ve written two more children’s books which I’m waiting to publish, and I’m in the process of writing a book for adults titled, “A Call to Consciousness.”

Q: Would you care to share with us how the virtual book tour experience with Pump Up Your Book has been for you?

It has been great! The internet is the most expansive information system in the world… For a writer, that means more people have the opportunity to hear your message.

Q: Where can readers find a copy of your book?
Amazon and bookstores.

Q: Do you have a website for readers to go to?

Thank you, Brian for sharing your book and characters with us today. It has been a pleasure and I hope you success on your virtual book tour.

Thank you for the gifts that you bring to our world!

About the Author

Ohio born native Brian McClure is the Founder and President of The Universal Flag and its affiliate companies. He is an author, human rights advocate and messenger of the oneness of all. Inside of the Universal Flag Companies, he set up a Non Profit Foundation to help relieve the suffering which he has witnessed in third world countries, along with spreading the Universal Flags throughout the World. The flag was recently paraded and flown at The United Nations as part of World Peace Day.

Brian has been interviewed on countless national radio shows and has been in a number of publications including CNN, CBS & NBC TV. He is the host the hit radio show, “A Call To Consciousness” – which is heard weekly on KTLK 1150AM in Los Angeles and KFNX 110AM in Phoenix Arizona.

He has spoken at many organizations, churches and institutions including The Agape Spiritual Center, The Inside Edge and The Onion based at the Unity Spiritual movement Center. Brian’s humanitarian efforts have extended worldwide. Recently Brian took it upon himself to visit and document impoverished communities in Sierra Leone which had just ended an 11 year war several years before, and Uganda. Upon his return he has been very proactive creating awareness about the real conditions which go largely unreported in the US.

Brian once stated: ”The power of a symbol cannot be underestimated. Politicians use symbols to gather and mobilize support. Corporations use logos to create effective, profitable brand loyalties. Now, the world has a new symbol, the Universal Flag is one that calls forth promise and potential for all. It defines our interconnectedness and oneness with ALL.” As Brian has said many times, “the Universal Flag Symbol acts as a signpost reminding us of our deepest truths. The symbol represents a world filled with infinite possibilities.”

Brian has developed an awareness of equality among all people and nationalities. His primary goal is to help people remember that inside each of us we hold the higher truths that are transforming our world.
You can visit Brian online at www.universalflag.com and www.briandmcclure.com/mediablog

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