The Baby Daddy – author interview – Dr. John Bell

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Paperback Writer welcomes author Dr. John Bell author of the fiction novel, The Baby Daddy (Jamar House Publishing).

About the Book:

EVERY UNWED MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE COMES TO LIFE IN THE PAGES OF INVASION OF THE BABY DADDY, a compelling and moving debut novel that echoes the emotional and cerebral frustrations of unwed mothers throughout the ages. Its unforgettable characters and authentic story line are interwoven with current and real facts about the volume of unwed mothers in our society today. In the story, Dr. Sands believes he has found his perfect mate only to discover that she is pregnant from a previous relationship. Not fully aware of the ramifications of this colossal news, Dr. Sands and Rachel date via long distance during her pregnancy and ultimately decide to get married. In order to make a life together, Rachel must move to Tennessee to start a new life with her husband. But the Baby Daddy has other plans for them. Determined to make this marriage work, Dr. Sands goes to extraordinary lengths to try and negotiate with the Baby Daddy. Brimming with honesty from the author s own experiences, Invasion of the Baby Daddy comes alive with unique freshness, candor and rich detail

Hi Dr. John Bell,
Welcome to Paperback Writer

Q:  Will you share with us how you came up with the idea for this book?

A:  Invasion of the Baby Daddy is a fictional novel about a family that is trying to keep a marriage together in a blended family situation when a Baby Daddy is invading this blended family legally and causing the mother to do the unthinkable, choose between her marriage or her child. Every single Mom’s nightmare comes to life in the novel and this story resonates in the American blended family structure when the circumstances of the law and practical life consequences collide.

Q:  Do you plan your stories first with an outline or does it come to you as write it?

A:  I usually lay out an outline first, then I have my experiences and research kick in to over drive and consistently make the story fit.

Q:  Do you know the end of the story at the beginning?

A:  Yes, generally, I already know the ending. This is one way to ensure that they story remains authentic and valuable to the future readers

Q:  Do you have a process for developing your characters?

A:  My only process so far has been with personal experience and also with testimony of various people I have met in my life.

Q:  It is said that authors write themselves into their characters. Is there any part of you in your characters and what they would be?

A:  Authors usually find themselves somewhere within their writing is this hero or villain depending on who you are talking to at the time.

Q:  What is your most favorite part about this book?

A:  My most favorite part of the book is the whole book itself. To me, if you divide the book then the story loses its strength and character. That would be such a real shame with Invasion of the Baby Daddy.

Q:When in the process of writing your book did you begin to look for a publisher?

A:  I looked for a publisher for about 2 months and found one through a friend and it was a great asset toward getting my book published.

Q:  What struggles have you had on the road to being published?

A:  Having to re-write apart of my story to fit the publishers wishes was a problem at first. I felt, I was losing my edge in my own story. I did not like that. But, through humility and accepting criticism, I became tolerant of the process and kept going until I completed this project.

Q:  What has been the best part about being published?

A:  Seeing people buy my book and look forward to discussing it. I felt it was incredible.

Q:  What do you want readers to remember and carry with them after reading your novel?

A:  I want readers to know that no matter what the challengers they face, always keep belief in God and always believe in love. I would also add that you have to learn how to be honest with themselves about the choices they make and if you are honest, then honesty will protect and provide a way through all circumstances.

Q:  Do you have plans to write another book?

A:  Yes, I have another book that will be out hopefully this summer called Blue Ball Syndrome: Why ordinary People become Sexual Players. I think it will a real unique journey for people.

Q: Would you care to share with us how the virtual book tour experience with Pump Up Your Book Promotion has been for you?

A:  I just started, so I believe it runs in April so I anticipate great things from it in the future, thank you

Q:  Where can readers find a copy of your book?

A:  People can find my book at

Q:  Do you have a website for readers to go to?

A:  Sure you can go to and http://www.drjohnbell.comto learn more about me, thank you.

Thank you, Dr. John Bell for sharing your book and characters with us today. It has been a pleasure and I hope you have a successful virtual book tour.

Thank you.

About the Author:

Dr. Bell is a Surgical Podiatrist and a College Professor at Strayer University at the Shelby Oaks campus in Memphis, Tennessee. Dr. Bell has a Master’s degree in Health Services Administration from Strayer University in Memphis, Tennessee and a Doctorate Of Podiatric Medicine degree from the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Bell is a graduate from Morris college in Sumter, South Carolina. Dr. Bell is a Gulf War veteran with 10 years in the US Navy with an honorable discharge. Dr. Bell is a member of Phi-Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc.

Dr. Bell has his own radio show called the Dr. John Bell Show that can be heard on Saturday from 4-5pm central time and 5-6pm Eastern time on Dr. Bell is married and has one daughter and a step son and has experienced the subject of the baby daddy syndrome and the drama that can be experienced from relationships that include a blended family structure. Dr. Bell has chosen to write about some of the challenges from a man’s perspective involved in a blended family where the man does not have any children and the woman has a child from a previous relationship.
This story has been a compilation of many American family’s dilemma with people who want to move on from their past mistakes in life of children and relationships and how much it can cost the people we love most when our life choices become complicated with an invasive baby daddy as in the book or even an invasive baby momma into a family situation. This book demonstrates how the American family structure is changing and how the law is often used to separate families and ultimately even end a marriage. In this American story of many with this subject, one family had to find a way to make the ultimate sacrifice to avoid destruction from the invasion of a baby daddy.

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