Jack’s Dreams Come To Life – inspiration behind the book – by Sarah Jackson

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Hi Sarah,
Welcome to Paperback Writer.

Sarah, you write about a dog named Jack. Did you write this based on a made up animals or was there an animal that was the inspiration for your book?

Jack, my Shepherd/Akita mix, whom my book is named after, was bought in a pet store in Truckee, Lake Tahoe. And for the fourteen years that we have had him, he has always disliked the car. So, I thought up a short story where my family and I take separate cars up to house in Truckee, and Jack rides with me. In order to keep him from barking and whining during the three-hour drive, I spray him and his blanket with a calming spray. It does the trick, but as I’m driving I notice that he continues to have these very physical dreams where it looks like he is running and pawing at his face. And in between me narrating the story, I show the readers what he is dreaming about, which is a giant squirrel, and squeak toys that come to life. “Jack’s Trip made the rounds with my family and my writer’s group. Every time I was told it would make a cute children’s book. So, I edited a 3,500-word short story down to a 600-word picture book. I just kept the story as being about Jack and his dreams. My illustrator did an amazing job of drawing Jack’s likeness from reference photos I sent her.

About the Book:
A dog named Jack, lives with his other animal friends on a ranch. After seeing what mischief he can get himself into, and not finding any, he falls asleep. He dreams of being chased by a giant squirrel. When he falls down a hole, he lands in his toy box, on top of his favorite squeak toys.
While playing with the cow, the others (horses, pigs, and ducks) start to grow and move around. Soon all the squeak toys circle Jack and he must find a way out. When he sees an opening, a large duck blocks his path. Jack and the duck try to out bark and out quack each other. Pretty soon Jack sees an opening and makes a run for it. As he does, all the squeak toys vanish in a puff of smoke and a cow sneezing on him awakens Jack. Thinking the cow is his squeak toy, Jack runs inside the house and looks inside his toy box to see if all the squeak toys are there.

About Sara Jackson
Professional author Sara Jackson is a graduate of Vallejo High School. She also earned a Bachelors degree in screenwriting from the Academy Of Art University in San Francisco. After graduating, she became a freelance writer for The American Canyon Eagle. Ms. Jackson is a regular contributor of Gorezone Magazine, Animal Wellness and Fangoria. Sara has written numerous book and movie reviews for Scars Magazine. She has also written opinion articles for the Times Herald, most of which address the issue of animal rights and politics. In January 2007, she won first prize in the Soul Making Literary Contest with her nonfiction piece, “Necessary Procedures.” She is working on a horror script for director Rob Schmidt, has another children’s book at a publisher’s and is in the process of writing a collection of short horror stories.
You can visit Sara’s website at: http://www.sarajacksonwriter.com/ and her blog at: http://sara-jackson.blogspot.com/
Sara Jackson’s JACK’S DREAMS COME TO LIFE VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR MAY 2010 will officially begin on May 3rd and end on May 28th. You can visit Sara’s blog stops at www.virtualbooktours.wordpress.com during the month of May to find out more about this great book and talented author!

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