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About Loving God With All Your Heart

Are you satisfied with your daily life? Do you run more on empty than full? Do you always feel like there is more out there for you? This book will take you deeper into your heart’s desire for a real relationship with God, a powerful relationship that will transform your whole life! Susie Hobson reminds us that the love we all long for begins and ends with a life that is surrendered to Jesus. From her real experience she offers practical application of communing with God through His Word to inspire and encourage a closer walk, resulting in empowerment for faithful living. Susie gives a clear path to the fulfillment of the greatest desire of man’s heart—God’s unfailing love as the foundation for wisdom and serving God in our homes and community. This book, Loving God With All Your Heart should fill a real need among families who long for a Biblical order in the home. Susie’s testimony is absorbing.

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Are you one of those who want more? Increasingly, I hear the same statement over and over again: “Susie, I want more!” There is a desire in all of us for something that people, places, possessions, fame and fortune cannot fill. What is that elusive need, that heart’s desire we all seem to crave? I am convinced that it is a real relationship with God – a powerful relationship!

Interview with Susie Hobson

Q: Do you write on a computer or with pen/pencil and paper?

A: I write on the computer. I started with pen and paper some years ago but found that by going ahead and writing on the computer I could save time and duplication. Also, corrections come much easier and research can be a snap when you have the world wide web right there and available. Now I just “think” better with a computer screen in front of me.

Q: Do you work from an outline?

A: Yes, I tend to outline an idea and collect my thoughts in chapter form. This gives me perspective and a workable time-line/goal as well as a good starting point.

Q: What’s next for you?

A: I’m just finishing a recipe book, Make Okra Not War, about my growing up years in a small town in Alabama, named Enterprise. My parents and grandparents were all from there and we knew most everyone in town. Both my grandmother and mother were amazing cooks (my grandmother from the old ways and my mother from the “casserole” and quicker methods) and when they both recently passed I ended up with their recipe books and also all my memories of growing up in the south in the culture clash/crash times of the 60’s and 70’s. Put them together and you have got my new book.

I’m also working on a history book with a completely different slant – it’s a subject that has not been covered in depth before and I’m keeping it to myself right now – so I’m sorry, but I can’t talk about it! Ask me again in a year!

Q: Who is your favorite author?

A: I have several. Catherine Marshall is possibly my most favorite and she wrote one of my favorite books, A Man Called Peter. Her book, Julie, is also very good. I love David McCullough’s history books. Jan Karon’s Mitford Series is wonderful. Agatha Christie is a long time favorite and always entertaining. Jane Austen, Daphne Du Maurier, John Grisham, Anne George, and Clive Cussler come to mind.

Q: What are a few of your favorite genres and why?

A: Christian books are my daily staple. I have some that I keep handy and read daily/weekly. I had a very traumatic and evil conversion experience and I don’t think you ever go through what I did and walk away as if it were no big deal. The spiritual world is real and here and now and knowing what I know—I take my Christianity seriously (happily/joyfully, but seriously). I read my Bible daily and substantially. I read Oswald Chambers, His Utmost for His Highest, daily devotion on a regular basis (so full of great insight and wisdom). I frequently read In His Steps by Charles Sheldon (I want to think like that!). Andrew Murray’s books on prayer are powerful selections and have helped my prayer life immensely. George Muller’s life story is powerful in faith and I always want to live like that. Billy Graham is one of my favorites as well and his Just As I Am tells a story that I believe could be true for so many of us if we would be willing to follow God–just as we are.

Q: Do you have a writer’s studio? Describe it for us and what is the view you see from the window?

A: I write at home in my study. The study is a book-lined formal room that is warm and inviting. It is on the front corner of our house and has two large windows that look out toward our front yard. We live in a neighborhood where a good many people like to walk for exercise in both the morning and afternoon hours which keeps my dog entertained. Other than the occasional bark, I work in silence.

Thank you Paperback Writer for your interest in my book Loving God with All Your Heart. I’ve enjoyed my visit with you!

About Susie Hobson

Susie Hobson has a B.A. in Special Education, M.S. in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Alabama, and carried a deaf / hearing-impaired and blind / vision-impaired caseload for 16 years. She retired for more time with family and to write as God has called her. She and her husband Rich have two daughters, Whitney and Amelia, live in Montgomery, and attend Lakeview Baptist Church.
Find out more about Loving God with All Your Heart at http://www.nordskogpublishing.com/book-loving-god-with-all-your-heart.shtml

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