The Bedtime of the Sky and Other Sleepy Bye Stories – author interview – Carolyn Wolfe

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Paperback Writer would like to introduce Carolyn Wolfe, author of The Bedtime of the Sky and Other Sleepy Bye Stories as she joins us on her virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book. Joins us tomorrow for the book review of The Bedtime of the Sky.

About The Bedtime Of The Sky and Other Sleepy Bye Stories

In this, Ms. Wolfe’s fifth book, she has returned to her roots. Wolfe started writing childrens stories in verse in the early 80’s in order to have her nephew and nieces enjoy them. Now, she has compiled them into a short collection to be enjoyed by everyone! As you can tell from the title, “The Bedtime Of The Sky and Other Sleepy Bye Stories” was specifically written for reading at bedtime. From Dragons hiding in the sock drawer, to a Mom designing the Universe, these stories are full of magical imagery and beautifully colored illustrations that are designed to delight any young heart and let them drift peacefully off to dreamland!
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About Carolyn Anne Wolfe

Carolyn Anne Wolfe is an author and free-lance writer whose body of work includes four previously published books, poetry, short stories and a number of newspaper articles and editorials. Wolfe is an animal and human rights activist as well as a vegetarian and these beliefs are strongly reflected in her writing. She lives with her husband and many animal companions in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

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Q: Give us an example of a typical writing day.

A: Typical writing day for me starts about noon, on my day off from the bookstore where I work. I look at my outline or where I left off and proceed to keep writing until I am pretty well exhausted. Then I walk away and forget about it until the next time I can get to work. Sometimes I do not stop writing until late in the evening. It depends on how much of the story or article I have to finish.

Q: Do you write on a computer or with pen/pencil and paper?

A: I write with both. If I am not near a computer I write my ideas down and then type them up in drafts in my email. I then flesh them out and expand upon them in my documents page.

Q: Do you work from an outline?

A: Not always, but I do work from an outline with my longer children’s stories. I get a lot of ideas at once and need to follow a linear course with the story so the outline is the only way to go for the longer books.
Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

A: I would like to see myself having finished my children’s series that I currently have in outline form and perhaps teaching a workshop in writing. I love writing and see it as a major part of my life.

Q: Who is your favorite author?

A: My favorite author is Marion Zimmer Bradley, she created worlds of fantasythat were intricate and elegant and I love her stories and books. She makes the unreal so very familiar and always has a profound underlying message that is beautiful.

Q: Where do you write from? (location and description)

A: I write in the living room from my home in Winchester, Virginia. I usually have one or two cats trying to help me type and organize my work. I sit at my desk and go into my own private world, a million miles away from my location.

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