The Power of the Blue Medallion Virtual Book Tour – Day 1 with Pump Up Your Book

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Les Berman, author of The Power of the Blue Medallion Virtual Book Tour will be visiting  The Book Vixen and Cleverly Inked. We appreciate comments so please take some time to help promote an author. To win a copy of the book you will need to leave a comment at Cleverly Inked.

Hope to see your there

Stop by Les’s tour page at Pump Up Your Book and follow along with his tour or check out his web sites,

The Power of the Blue Medallion

Novel with Math

If you just want to order the book, it’s available at Amazon

About The Power of the Blue Medallion

This Captivating novel follows the wild adventures of three charismatic

young aliens from the distant planet Hebutar, and their companion on

Earth.  Zytor, the son of the ruler of Hebutar, is determined to stop a group

of terrorists from causing chaos in the United States.  Against

his father’s wishes, Zytor travels to Earth and meets a young girl, Tandy,

whose father was killed by terrorists.  Zytor’s sister Phelena, a Captain in

the Hebutarian Military and a fellow soldier, are dispatched by her father

to bring Zytor back to Hebutar before he mingles into the affairs of Planet

Earth.  While tracking down the terrorist, Zytor gets his medallion stolen (a powerful weapon), forcing him to team up with his sister and devise plans to retrieve the medallion, and help authorities stop the evil terrorists from executing

a terrible attack in Washington D.C.

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