Thursday Thirteen and Contest – Thirteen Things to Know about Justice Rules

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Tom White joins Paperback Writer again today to share with readers Thirteen Things to Know about Justice Rules. Tom began his virtual book tour with a CONTEST and there is still time to click on over and leave a comment and be entered to win a copy of his book.

About Justice Rules

FBI Profiler Brian Wylie, a transplanted Southern Californian, finds himself deep in the woods of Eastern Washington investigating a brutal murder. Wylie discovers that the body, Levi Dalton, is an ex-con who had viciously attacked a couple in their Portland, OR home years earlier. While he was convicted of burglary, Dalton’s savage rape and torture of the wife could not be proven. Further investigation leads Wylie to a victims support group named the VIctims Advocacy Center and the beautiful Spokane office manager, Kathleen Welch. As Wylie soon learns there is more to this situation than meets the eye. The murder of Levi Dalton has lead to a series of missing or dead ex-cons, all of whom were accused of greater and more vicious crimes than they were convicted. As the action continues Wylie is plunged into a situation that involves his best friends treachery and the well-being of his teenage daughter. Ultimately Wylie is faced with the moral dilemma of pursuing victims of violent crimes as murderers and defending the vile men who have perpetrated unspeakable crimes.

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Thursday Thirteen – Thirteen Things To Know About Justice Rules

1. Justice Rules is ultimately about victims and their experience with violent attacks.
2. Justice Rules posses the question, “How far can you go before justice becomes revenge?”
3. Brian Wylie, the main character in Justice Rules, is transplanted from Los Angeles to Spokane, WA. Much of his perspective of Eastern Washington is unique because of this move.
4. The idea for Justice Rules came from the OJ Simpson murder trial and the subsequent interview of victim Ron Goldman’s father Fred. He knew who had murdered his son and was powerless to do anything about it.
5. While the female lead character is named Kathleen Welch, she is not modeled after the author’s wife, Kathleen.
6. Brian Wylie suffers from a severe fear of wooded areas. Living in Eastern Washington may not have been the best choice for him to make.
7. Brian’s daughter, Tracy, helps keep Brian grounded as both a father and a person.
8. The Spokane FBI does not have a Terrorist and Violent Crimes Section (TVCS) although it is a legitimate branch of the FBI.
9. Brian Wylie shares a love of all things wine with the author.
10. The character of Joel Green was a minor character in many of the first drafts. It wasn’t until latter in the process that he emerged as a very important character
11.The character of Janine, Brian’s ex-wife, had a much larger role in the original draft but the author soon realized that after he first scene she had made a lasting impression and we didn’t need to see her after that.
12. The drivers in Spokane really are that bad.
13. Some locals have accused Justice Rules as being an unfair portrayal of the people. Yet others say, “There are a lot of sweaty ball caps.”

About Thomas White

Thomas is the author of two novels, Justice Rules, a finalist in the Pacific NorthwestWriters Association 2010 Literary Contest and The Siren’s Song, to be releasedearly 2011. He has also written several screenplays including A Stitch In Time,a finalist in the NCW Screenplay Contest. You can learn more at his website, and his twitter page

Thomas began his career as an actor, which lead to a degreefrom the United States International University School of Performing arts inSan Diego. A Cum Laude graduate, Thomas was also named to “Who’s Who InAmerican Colleges and Universities.

He immediately hit the road and spent several seasonstouring across the country with various shows, working as an actor, techdirector, stage manager, scenic designer, lighting designer, sound designer andfinally a director.

Several years later Tom found himself as anArtistic Director for a theatre in Los Angeles and the winner of severalDrama-Logue awards for directing. Additionally, Thomas has directed 2 nationaltours and had one shining night on Broadway.

He directed and co-produced the world tour of”The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Coming Out Of Their Shells”. Theshow toured for over two years, was translated into seven different languagesand seen by close to a million children.

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