Finish This Sentence #1 She was

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She was drinking?

We learn a lot from the action a character is performing in a novel. This action can also tell us about the character in only a few words. With this action it’s quite possible to form an image of the character and what her life might be like, where she would live and what her ambitions,  hopes, dreams might be.
Whether you are a reader or a writer feel free to use your imagination and finish this sentence by way of a comment, the way you would want it to read. What was she drinking? Feel free to expand on more than just the drink and tell me what else she is doing.

Finish this sentence.

She was drinking _________________.


Thanks for participating.

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12 thoughts on “Finish This Sentence #1 She was”

  1. She was drinking diet pepsi and wondering what crops to plant next on Farmville.
    ( can you guess who this is?)
    I’ll think of something better next time. Your site is great 🙂

  2. She was drinking another glass as she sat there in heavy silence after watching him leave for the last time. What was next? How will she be able to start life all over after being with the same man for 18 years?

  3. She was drinking a 2 a.m. toast to a job well done as pools of blood wrapped around her feet. A smile crept into the corners of her red lipsticked mouth and she turned for one last time to look at the life she was about to leave behind.

  4. a warm glass of milk. She had tried everything else to get some sleep and this was supposed to help, right? Too bad she just couldn’t get the last 12 hours off her mind.

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