Thursday Thirteen – Thirteen Things about the Main Character Melissa in Shades of Twilight

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About Shades of Twilight

Melissa has waited her whole life to move out and start her own. This is her first summer after graduating and now she has her own place and a job. Everything she wanted is starting to happen.

Until the accident.

When the most gorgeous guy she has ever seen saves her life, he also forever changes it. What do you do when you find out that life as you have always known it isn’t real, and the man you love is a vampire, out to save you from something worse?

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Thirteen Things about Melissa

Melissa is just out of high-school, and has started her first job as a waitress at the town’s local restaurant.

She lives alone, though she could still live with her parents if she wanted to, because it makes her feel more independent and grown up, which helps with her low confidence.

She lives in a duplex near one my sister once lived in, I have the specific duplex chosen which Melissa lives in, and if one were to know the actual area of the town, they could figure out which it was by the descriptions given in some of the scenes in the book.

She’s a red head, and has green eyes, which is a bit of an exotic look, but her features and body shape are over all a bit more on the plain side than her two other friends. Her green eyes used to make her believe she was meant for something special, but when she got older, she realized green eyes were only uncommon, not special.

Her two closest friends are Debbie and Sarah, they both used to work at the restaurant with her, but Debbie has left the job and returned home so she can go to college, with the promise of ‘making something of herself’. Neither Sarah nor Melissa really believe it will.

She likes Twilight. She’s not a crazy fan, but she does like it and has read the entire series. Debbie and Sarah are bigger fans. She prefers the movies to the books.

She lives in the same town I do, which is actually Hazel Dell Washington, a small town next to Vancouver Washington, which is right across the river from the larger city, Portland Oregon. There’s not much to do or find in Hazel Dell, and that’s why you’ll see they spend a good amount of time in Portland, instead.

She’s afraid of heights, they send her head spinning if she looks down too long.

She’s not the best swimmer, in fact, she’s really not all that good at it at all, but she goes swimming with Debbie and Sarah to participate and socialize.

She needs to grow up a bit. Right now, even though she thinks she’s all grown up and moved on from childhood, much of her mentalities are still those of a child or a teenager in school.

She cries at the drop of a hat. This comes from her living a very sheltered life. Pressure and stress weren’t really big things she had to deal with growing up, and especially not any real danger, like she finds herself in during the events of the book.

She wants to have a career some day, but at this point she’s just not sure what it will be. Her indecision may just be another branch of her insecurity, or it could really be that a part of her hasn’t quite given up on that childhood dream of finding something special.

She hasn’t had many boyfriends, mostly because her friends Debbie and Sarah tend to lure them away, but also because she’s so insecure over her previous track record that she doesn’t really go looking for anyone.

About Martin Sharlow

Martin Sharlow was always a storyteller. In his youth he used to play roleplaying games and usually he was the game master. That allowed him to create and modify stories and then tell them to his captive audience in the form of a game. Because of this and the many fantasy books he read, Martin went the next step and started writing fantasy novels.

Recently, however, Martin changed genres to vampire romance as he got bitten by the vampire bug. This happened after picking up one of the latest novels and finding himself hooked on it. Today Martin has written two vampire romance novels, and is in the process of writing many more.

Martin currently lives in Vancouver, WA with two of his three children, who help to keep him grounded in reality.

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