Rocky Bluff P.D. Series – Latest Novel Angel Lost – Book Review

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Angel Lost Virtual Book Tour It is said that writers become better with each novel and F.M. Meredith is no exception. Her novel writing just gets better with each book. Her characters have grown so much since the first part of the series and reading each new novel is like being reunited with family. In this latest novel from the Rocky Bluff P.D. mystery/crime series, Angel Lost,  we meet up with Doug and Stacey, both police officers in the same unit, as they finally decide to tie the knot. This romantic story has been building since the first part of the series. Like the fictional small town of Rocky Bluff where the community gathers together to watch out for each other, they do so again when one of their own officers goes missing. Stacy Wilbur, days before her wedding goes missing while on the search for another criminal prowling the beaches. Will she make it to her wedding?

Marilyn brings in a lot more detail on other characters which in the past had just been background characters. She also introduces a new character to the police force, a hot shot from Los Angeles looking for some relief from the crime sprees in the big city. Little does he know that Rocky Bluff had its share of twists and turns that keep the police force on their toes. However, he isn’t free from suspicion as his partner has a bad feeling in his gut about him. Will this feeling turn into anything more?  

Meredith embraces quite a few themes throughout her book, family taking care of each other when an Alzheimer’s diagnosis is in question, new and expanding relationships  and what to do with your roommate when you decide to get married.

I thoroughly enjoy novels that continue and have followed these novels and this author from the beginning. I hope there is many more to come in this series. I highly recommend all the books in the Rocky Bluff P.D. Series.

Author F.M. Meredith

About F.M. Meredith

F.M. Meredith, also known as Marilyn Meredith, is the author of nearly thirty published novels. Her latest in the Rocky Bluff P.D. crime series, from Oak Tree Press, is Angel Lost. Marilyn is a member of EPIC, Four chapters of Sisters in Crime, including the Internet chapter, Mystery Writers of America, and on the board of the Public Safety Writers of America. Visit her at and her blog at

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About Angel Lost

As plans for her perfect wedding fill her mind, Officer Stacey Wilbur is sent out to trap a flasher, the new hire realizes Rocky Bluff P.D. is not the answer to his problems, Abel Navarro’s can’t concentrate on the job because of worry about his mother, Officer Gordon Butler has his usual upsets, the sudden appearance of an angel in the window of a furniture store captures everyone’s imagination and causes problems for RBPD, and then the worst possible happens—will Stacey and Doug’s wedding take place

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