Thursday Thirteen – Thirteen Things about the novel Murder on the Interstate

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Murder on the Interstate Book Tour

Thirteen Aspects of the Murder on the Interstate Plot

• My two protagonists, Dana Logan and Sarah Cafferty, are widows traveling in their motorhome along Arizona Interstate 40, when they discover the body of a beautiful young woman recently shot to death in her Mercedes convertible. The killer returns to make sure his victim is dead while Dana and Sarah are still at the scene.
• He shoots out the back tires of their motorhome, leaving them stranded.
• A woman trucker stops to help them. She’s called “Big Ruby” McCurdy.
• They pursue the killer in a downpour in Ruby’s produce truck to record his license number for the police.
• Extensive road construction slows everyone down so Ruby asks other truckers to keep a watch for the killer’s dark red Dodge pickup truck.
• At a Flagstaff truck stop, Dana goes back with a wrecker and new tires for the RV. Sarah continues on with Ruby to spot the killer.
• A terrible wreck ensues when some of the dozen trucks following the killer collide with pursuing highway patrol cars.
• The killer kidnaps Dana in the motorhome and she wrecks it to get away.
• Dana and Sarah are pursued by the killer and they’re caught in a flash flood.
• Sheriff Grayson flies in to Phoenix to help. He’s in love with Dana but she’s keeping him at arm’s length.
• Dana’s journalist daughter Kerrie arrives from Denver and is investigating the deaths of young women killed in the Four Corners area, and finds a connection between the victims.
• Dana, Sarah and Kerrie are kidnapped by homegrown terrorists planning to take down the country.
• Kerrie falls in love with an investigating FBI agent.

A considerable amount of research went into this book and I drove a 37-foot motorhome along I-40 and the Southwest, talking to truckers on my CB radio. So the dialogue is authentic.

About Murder on the Interstate
Two feisty 60-year old women sleuths encounter murder, homegrown terrorism, kidnapping and disasters as they travel Arizona in their motorhome. The third novel in the Logan & Cafferty mystery/suspense series, Murder on the Interstate will leave you breathless.

About Jean Henry Mead

Jean Henry Mead is a mystery/suspense and western historical novelist. She’s also an award-winning photojournalist. One of her fortes is interviewing writers, actors, politicians, artists and ordinary people who have accomplished extraordinary things. She began her writing career as a California news reporter/editor/photographer,first in Central California and San Diego. Mead later transferred to Casper, Wyoming, to serve as a staff writer for the statewide newspaper. She also served as editor of In Wyoming Magazine and two small presses. She has freelanced for other publications, both domestically and abroad, among them the Denver Post’s Empire Magazine. Her first book was published in 1982. She’s since published fourteen novels and nonfiction books.

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  1. Thanks,BIecky, for hosting my virtual tour. I’ll be giving away three copies of Murder on the Interstate in a drawing from among blog visitors who leave comments,. and one of them will be a character in my next novel.

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