Interview with Susan J. Kronick author of Sarah, They’re Coming for You

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Sarah, They're Coming For You Virtual Book Tour

About Susan Kronick

Susan Kronick’s background is the perfect backdrop leading up to her latest paranormal novel, Sarah, They’re Coming for You.  She has a Master of Science in Psychology from Nova Southeastern University and a Ph.D. in Paranormal Studies/Psychology from Union Institute and Graduate School, as well as being an adjunct psychology professor at Barry University and Palm Beach State College.  A psychic and a medium, she has the gift of seeing the dead since she was a child.  She also has taught parapsychology classes through the Palm Beach County School Board, as well as at Palm Beach State College.  Susan has extensive experience in the area of investigations of haunting and the paranormal.  She lives with her husband and her four spoiled rescue dogs in south Florida.  You can visit her website at “Like” her page at Facebook at

Sarah’s tour page;

About  Sarah, They’re Coming for You

Restless spirits of the dead, torment the living for many reasons. But the dark hunters seek one thing.  It is not God’s blessing, but a soul for eternity.

For years, Sarah was tormented by these seekers.  Each passing year they gained strength.  Guided by her great great grandfather Hermann-who intercedes on her behalf-Sarah had faith, but now, she feels her faith in Hermann is slipping, and she grows spiritually weaker.

When a mysterious woman—a link from the past—enlightens Sarah of her journey, every thing falls into place.  Sarah has a connection  between her ancestral family and her own haunting from the rogue ghosts in the after life.  They seek her in order to claim two family members with a single soul.

One thing left to do for Sarah.  Go to the family home in Austria and face the ghosts head on, or lose her soul forever.

Q:  Give us an example of a typical writing day.

My writing takes a back seat to my primary job as a college professor.  I try to make time before I leave for school.  I get up very early morning before dawn.  I sit down with a steaming mug of coffee and hope for inspiration to strike!  Being a morning person, even with a day off, I prefer to write before lunchtime. By early afternoon my brain is drained of all creativity.

Q:  Do you write on a computer or with pen/pencil and paper?

Always on a computer.  I delete and rewrite too many times. Using a paper and pencil would result in so much wasted time crossing out and erasing. I also love the fact I can cut and paste on the computer, should I decide to rearrange certain passages in the manuscript as I go along.

Q:  Do you work from an outline?

Initially I do have an outline to keep a time line as to the events in the book.  The outline is always written in pencil, and revised multiple times as the story progresses.  By the time the book is finished it only vaguely resembles the original chronology of the outline.

Q:  Biggest Pet Peeve about the writing life.

The business end of marketing the published book.  I had no idea how time consuming and frustrating it would be to garner publicity for my novel.  I have no business sense at all and I absolutely hate the selling aspect of writing.

Q:  Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I hope to be a famous ghost hunter with my own television show, similar to Paranormal State.  My novel is autobiographical, and like the protagonist in my story, I have the ability to see ghosts.

Q:  Have you ever abandoned any books/novels in progress?

I abandoned two manuscripts which I was fortunately able to use in the writing of my current novel.  One book was my diary that traced my family roots back to Austria.  The other non-fiction manuscript was a text on parapsychology. I saved weeks or months of additional writing, since I was able to incorporate portions of the unfinished works into the now published novel.

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