Paperback Writer Chats with R.M. Smith author of Union Hypocrisy

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Union Hypocrisy Book Tour

* R. M. Smith started with the Teamsters in the Convention Industry.   In 2000, she went into the Southern Nevada Teamsters’ Training Trust as a trainer and then advanced to Executive Director.  While an Executive Director, she sat on negotiating committees, arbitrated cases for apprentices.  Smith developed, implemented, and directed a registered apprenticeship program as well as wrote the training manuals.  Those manuals were approved by the Department of Labor and Nevada State Industrial Education Department.  They were also copyrighted by the Teamsters Training Trust.

Smith had several articles written in trade magazines and the newspaper regarding this apprenticeship program as well as an Innovation award for designing a new trade training program.  She was elected by representatives of 26 union trade organizations as secretary treasurer of the Western Apprenticeship Coordinators Association (WACA).

In 2006, she was asked to represent 26 trade unions in negotiating a contract with the Nevada State Secondary Education System.  During her time with the Teamsters she was a speaker at several conferences and was the first and only union representative asked to sit on the Crystal Ball Panel for the hospitality industry.  Smith has served as the union WACA representative on the selection committee for the new Business School President for Southern Nevada College.

In 2007, Smith started consulting in Labor Relations.  ****


Hi Rebecca Smith


Welcome to Paperback Writer.

Thank you for having me.  It is a pleasure to be on Paperback Writer.

Q: Would you explain what the title of your book means.

The title tells the reader everything about the book in two words.  It reveals union hypocrisy in dealing with union members, union employees, and in politics as well as business.

Q:  Would you share with us how you came up with the idea for your book? 

I was in the union for sixteen years and I was always amazed how they seemed to be able to fool the public with their words.  Then one day a member of the union reached out to me regarding the employees of the Teamsters were trying to organize their own union and how the Teamsters (Hoffa) were treating them.  I thought then and there that people should know what unions really do.

Q:  Was it a light bulb moment or something that you thought about for a very long time?

I wanted to write a book about unions for a long time but never could wrap my mind around a starting point.  This was the light Bulb for the starting point.

Q: How did you come up with the title?

Because it seemed the word hypocrisy was the only one that would fit

Q:  What kind of research went into the book?   

 Month and months, as well as sixteen years of being a member so some of the documents were ones that I had.

Q: While you were doing your research, if you interviewed resources, what was their reaction to the kind of book you were writing?

Most people would not talk to me or if they did I had to promise not to use their name.  Most were thrilled that it was being written, but felt that there might be repercussions.  Others felt that no one cares about what the unions do so it won’t matter anyway.

Thank you, Rebecca Smith for stopping by Paperback Writer. I wish you continued success with your tour.


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