London Underground – Secrets, Spies, Hidden Laboratories and More in this Historical Thriller

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About London Underground

London Underground
London Underground

Beneath the streets of London lie many secrets. Subterranean rivers carve channels through darkened caverns. Hidden laboratories and government offices from WW II offer a maze of corridors and abandoned medical experiments. Lost also in the depths are the contents of a looted Spanish galleon from the days of Henry VIII. And deep within lies a Nazi V-2 rocket that contains the most horrible secret of all.

Carmen Kingsley, in charge of London projects for the British Museum, and Scotland Yard Inspector Sherwood Peets race to unravel the mysteries before the great city succumbs to a frightening disease from the age of the Henrys called the English Sweat.

Unknown to them, their partners in tracing the disease began their own efforts more than sixty years earlier during WW II. A top secret British mission is sent to the far northern regions of Norway to stop the Nazis from developing a biological weapon that will be airmailed to London via the V-2 rocket.

It all comes to a climax beneath London with the discovery of a horrifying species of genetically altered “super rats” that threaten to invade London and the British Isles in a manner more horrifying than anything ever envisioned by the Germans.

London Underground can be purchased through all major on-line book stores as well as with as an ePub, Kindle or Print edition at:


Guest Post from Chris Angus

One of the most important elements of London Underground, my new historical thriller just released by Iguana Books is, no surprise, the setting. I’ve had a lifelong love for this great city, and it has figured prominently in many of my books. But London Underground is the first to be completely centered on London.

When faced with a setting so many people have read about or visited, it’s important to focus on elements that are not as well known. Fortunately, no one can know everything about London, for as Samuel Johnson once noted: “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.”

I chose as the focal point of my book, the hidden world beneath the city. It is a world of subterranean rivers, ancient Roman ruins, burial grounds from medieval prisons and cemeteries, the cabinet war rooms of Winston Churchill and much, much more.

Weaving these disparate historical pieces together in a fast-paced plot leaves readers wondering how I will ever bring all the elements together at the end. This is part of what makes writing so much fun. How can the author possibly connect King Henry VIII with Winston Churchill? What conceivable relationship can there be between an ancient disease not seen for hundreds of years and a Nazi V-2 rocket fired on London?  How can the actions of Winston Churchill in the depths of the war possibly bring down the modern-day government of Britain?

Getting inside the heads of great historic figures like Churchill and Hitler, like a notorious Nobel Prize winner from the early part of the century and like the puppet/figurehead leader of occupied Norway, Vidkun Quisling, can be a rewarding romp for a writer. In one of my earlier books, I wrote a scene in which a young Churchill meets Queen Victoria at her Osborne House refuge on the Isle of Wight. To imagine such a meeting between two historical giants, one standing astride the nineteenth century and about to pass from the world stage, the other about to embark on dominating the twentieth is the kind of exercise that writers live for. What would Churchill and Queen Victoria say to one another in a private meeting? Could they have had any idea that Winston would follow Victoria as leader on the world stage? What great fun to speculate.

Equally fun is plotting and planning one of the scariest and most absorbing books I’ve written. Not just a Halloween fear-fest but something deeper, something based on history and science with a scenario that is fantastic, yes, but also, just perhaps, believable as well.

 I write to engage the reader in another time and place, to help them imagine alternate versions of history, to enter a parallel universe if you will, one that might have been or one day may be. Scientists have speculated there could be millions of alternate universes. Each time we make a decision, reality may head off in another direction. All things really are possible. No words could be more inspiring to a writer.


About Chris Angus

“Chris Angus specializes in writing suspense thrillers/mysteries within a historical context, with subject matter ranging from mysteries surrounding the Titanic, World War II, new DNA discoveries, the threat of mutating pandemics and the debate between the world views of creationism and basic science.

Chris is also the award-winning author of several works of non-fiction, including Oswegatchie: A North Country River (North Country Books–2006), The Extraordinary Adirondack Journey of Clarence Petty: Wilderness Guide, Pilot and Conservationist (Syracuse University Press—2002), Images of America: St. Lawrence County (Arcadia Press—2001), and Reflections From Canoe Country (Syracuse University Press—1997).

While London Underground is a work of fiction, much of Chris’ precise writing style he showcases with his nonfiction comes through. Chris released earlier this year his first fiction novel, The Last Titanic Story, also available from Iguana Books, followed by his second thriller Flypaper, from Cool Well Press. London Underground is Chris’ third novel for 2012.

London Underground and The Last Titanic Story are available from Iguana, Amazon and Barnes and Noble on-line book stores. Flypaper is available from Cool Well Press.”

Chris’ author site is:

London Underground can be purchased through all major on-line book stores as well as with as an ePub, Kindle or Print edition at:

His first novel, The Last Titanic Story, can be purchased through all major on-line book stores as well as with as an ePub, Kindle or Print edition at:

Chris Angus can be found on Goodreads and Facebook at




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