Real Dogs Don’t Whisper Virtual Book Tour Pre-Tour Buzz

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Kelly Preston - Real Dogs Don't Whisper Cover JPGAuthor Kelly Preston will be on virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book during the months of November, December and January 2014. She will be on hand during her worldwide tour talking about her book in candid interviews, guest posts and giveaway.   

About Real Dogs Don’t Whisper


The award-winning book, Real Dogs Don’t Whisper (,  highlights my life journey caring for four special needs dogs and the life lessons they taught me along the way.  The overall message within Real Dogs Don’t Whisper is about giving those with special needs a second chance.  The book touches on integrity, unconditional love, leadership, trust, stopping abuse and opening your heart to receive and give both unconditional love and friendship.  To lighten the message, I developed a co-author, Mr MaGoo; Mr MaGoo is my Lhasa Apso and he is larger than life.  He adds humor within the book; sharing with the reader how life is so tough for him being the only male in the house and living with a crazy lady, me.

Mr. MaGoo is a nine-year-old Lhasa Apso and the book’s co-creator and co-writer. He is, in his own words, “the alpha and omega of all dogs – in the cutest and sparkiest, most fun-loving package ever.” Ignoring Kelly’s persistent eye-rolling, Mr. MaGoo has forged ahead with this project in an attempt to, as he puts it, “present the facts from a dog’s perspective. In other words, the correct, most accurate, most interesting, only-one-that-matters perspective,” to which he adds, simply, “Woof!”

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About Kelly Preston

Kelly Preston is, first and foremost, an animal lover. Raised on a ten-acre property in a small town in Pennsylvania, she grew up with horses, rabbits, and – of course – dogs. When she left home after college, she acquired Gizmo, an irresistible Lhasa Apso that started her on a journey full of joys and sorrows, hopes and tribulations, frustrations, endless lessons in patience, and above all else, love. All of this has come at the hands (more precisely the paws) of Gizmo, Betty Boop, Buffy, Carla Mae, and the inimitable Mr. MaGoo.


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About Rebecca the Tour Coordinator

Rebecca is a freelance writer in Los Angeles, California. Her published articles include the wedding, pets and travel industry. Find her at Rebecca’s Writing Services where she handles writing, blogging, editing and PR needs along with virtual book tours for authors and small businesses. Email:


About Pump Up Your Book

Pump Up Your Book handles all the aspects of virtual book touring from pre-buzzing your book before the tour starts to making sure buyers will find your book long after the tour is over. If you are the author of a newly published book, have an upcoming release or just want to give a previously published new life, a virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book is the answer. We welcome traditionally published, electronically published and self-published authors. Our esteem list of authors include; Sheila Roberts, Karen White, JudgeGlenda Hatchett, cook show personality Paula Deen among others. We also represent Random House, Abingdon Press, Zumaya Publications, Guardian Angel Publishers among others.


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