Hunter Cassells – Book Spotlight – With Friends Like These

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Best Book I’ve Read In Years“- Earle Drake


With Friends Like These
With Friends Like These

Book Description:


Title: With Friends Like These

Author: L. Hunter Cassells

Publisher: Amazon (November 24, 2012)

Category: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal
Tour Date: November, 2013
Available in: ebook,107 Pages

Purchase: Amazon


Callie Walking is a freelance mage who solves supernatural problems. When a troubled client hires her to protect him from a “vampire” she casts the appropriate spells and positions the usual amulets. Now, something has gone terribly wrong. Her client has turned up dead and drained of all his blood. The cops say it’s suicide, but Callie knows better.

 Now she is on a mission to find out what went wrong. In her search, she uncovers an ancient, long-hidden power. It challenges Callie’s deepest beliefs about right and wrong, good and evil. She knows her life will be forever changed… if she survives.

Praise for With Friends Like These:


“I really enjoyed the characters, their histories and especially their interactions. There was nothing trite or old hat. It was surprisingly “new hat.”

I recommend it to anyone who loves vampires and even to those who don’t usual like vampires. It shows that there is always a refreshing new way to look at seemingly settled concepts. Now, I am just waiting to read the next book. These characters have not come even close to exhaust the possibilities inherent in their personalities.”– Skeptic, Amazon Reviewer


“Best book I have read in years!  I am a avid reader, but never read

vampire books of any kind. What a surprise was waiting for me. This book is wonderful, and a written with great wit. I laughed out loud. The suspense kept me turning pages until I had read the whole book in one day. Now I am yearning for another book about “Miss Callie”. I would enjoy reading more from a truly gifted author. This should be a national best seller.”– Earle Drake, Amazon Reviewer


“Lots of fun! It’s great to see Cassells’ writing in a more modern setting, and her characters are as engaging as ever. One of my favorite things about her stories (past her artful descriptions) is the depth and accessibility of her characters. I was impressed that even in a short like this she was able to smoothly set up a world with lots of potential for back-story and new plots – I hope she uses it!  Would recommend to a friend (did already).”AJCB, Amazon Reviewer

About L. Hunter Cassells:

L. Hunter Cassells
L. Hunter Cassells

L. Hunter Cassells grew up near the Germantown of which she writes, and now lives not far away, in a curious household involving a happy man, two ambiguous cats, two loud grandsons, their studious moms, and what might be a dozen chickens (chickens come, chickens go; best not to ask too many questions).  She has seen more than twenty thousand days and nights, holds a degree in geology, occasionally goes contra dancing, has belonged to the Society for Creative Anachronism longer than most of its members have been alive, and herds nuclear physicists for a living (no, really, she does).

 L. Hunter Cassells Website



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