Seven Things about Journey to Galumphagos

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Journey to Galumphagos
Journey to Galumphagos

7.    Journey to Galumphagos began as a picture book for my children to illustrate.  It took a quarter century for it to evolve into the published book.

6.    My favorite, non-human character is the Great Galumphagos Island Turtle.  I imagine her sounding like Emma Thompson.

5.    The part of the book I’m proudest of is Chapter 11.  Four or five sets of action are going on at the same time.  It was a challenge to navigate through all that without losing my way or my readers.  And I know I didn’t lose my readers because all the kids who have read the book told me it was their favorite part.

4.    Ellen Maze did a wonderful job on the illustrations.  She’s a joy to work with, a great collaborator, passionate about getting from whatever picture the writer has in his or her mind to a picture on the page.

3.    I did not set out to write a book “about” anything, just to tell a story.  Many of my adult readers, however, see it as a book about children responding to one or another of the challenges of growing up.  Maybe this is just the nature of story-telling.  Stories do mean something, whether we’re aiming at it or not.

2.    Whatever it means or doesn’t mean, some of it is just for fun.  There’s a “figure of speech” motif in Journey.  Please don’t ask me what it means; I don’t know.  Characters named “Penelope” keep popping up in the story.  Are they the same Penelope or different Penelopes?  Don’t ask me; I don’t have a clue.

1.    I almost always think that sequels don’t live up to the original.  So of course I’m writing one.  Once you get to the end of Journey to Galumphagos, you might wonder how I could write a sequel.  Didn’t I write my way out of that possibility?  I guess you’ll have to take a look at the sequel to see if that’s so. (None of this applies to Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings.  Both of them are entire stories in a number of books, not a completed story followed by another with the same cast of characters). 


About Journey to Galumphagos

Life can be tough for a loner like Emily. She’s had enough of being the perfect target for bullies. She persuades her brother and sister to run away with her to Galumphagos Island, a paradise on earth. But they find out that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the street, or even the other side of the ocean. They need all their courage and cleverness – and a little luck, too – to get out of the mess they landed in. Seth Eisner blends fantastic creatures, exotic travel, non-stop action, and humor in his story about three young children who learn that real courage isn’t just about adventures. It’s usually about ordinary things, like asking that other lonely girl if you can share her lunch table.  Journey to Galumphagos is sure to entertain both adults and children.


Publisher: WindSide Alley Books (August 4, 2013)

Author: Seth Eisner

Title: Journey to Galumphagos
Category/Genre: Middle Grade, Action/Adventure
ISBN: 978-1491082324
Tour Date: November, 2013
Available in: Print & ebook, 84 Pages


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