Seven Things To Know About With Friends Like These

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About With Friends Like These

With Friends Like These
With Friends Like These

Callie Walking is a freelance mage who solves supernatural problems. When a troubled client hires her to protect him from a “vampire” she casts the appropriate spells and positions the usual amulets. Now, something has gone terribly wrong. Her client has turned up dead and drained of all his blood. The cops say it’s suicide, but Callie knows better.

 Now she is on a mission to find out what went wrong. In her search, she uncovers an ancient, long-hidden power. It challenges Callie’s deepest beliefs about right and wrong, good and evil. She knows her life will be forever changed… if she survives.

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Seven Things To Know About With Friends Like These

  • Sandy Sandfort!  Sandy is a published author himself (The Resurrections of Robert Heinlein, Escape From Terra, among others).  He writes, and reads, only “hard” science fiction, and pretty much disdains anything smacking of magic.  But as a kindness to me, he suffered himself to read the first draft of WFLT, something I wrote only for my own amusement, never intending to publish it.  And he pushed, prodded and nagged till I did put it out there.  So the book owes its very existence to someone who never thought he would ever like one of its genre.  I am ridiculously proud of that.


  •  Aristos originated almost twenty years ago when a friend of one of my then-teenage kids invited me to join them in a “live action role playing” (or “LARP”) game called Masquerade: the Gathering.  Everyone plays a vampire character, and provides the character’s “back story” to the game master.  I had been studying ancient Greek science at the time, so I first made him Greek, specifically Ionian.  He became Minoan later, when I read about that civilization.  In life, he was a bull-jumper – that’s what he means when he describes himself as a celebrity.


  •  Callie is a very new character for me, created to be a foil for Aristos rather than a heroine in her own right.  She’s fixed that; she’s stepped up to be a real personality with the same courage it took to “hang out her shingle” as a mage for hire.  She must believe she can deliver; I wish I had the same guts.


  •  In fact, that’s how I write:  it’s all but never a matter of my planning this or that adventure or misadventure, than of the characters apparently independently deciding what they will and will not do as they go along.  I’ll have it all worked out and then one of them will say something that sends the whole story in an unexpected direction.


  •  My preferred version is the pdf.  All I can upload to Kindle Direct Publishing is the one file, and once it’s there, “Kindle” displays it differently than “Kindle Fire” or “iPad”.  But pdf, I can control, I can get just the spacing or indent I want; play with fonts or drop caps; insert images without worry that I didn’t reference them properly.  I sweated blood over formatting the song “Demonslayer” by Voltaire, and Kindle still doesn’t show it quite as I’d like.


  •  Speaking of “Demonslayer”!  The music is as delightful as the lyrics.  I found it at the first-ever FaerieCon:  there was a gift CD included in the Con packet, with “good Faerie/bad Faerie” songs on it.  Most of them, I could hardly tell one from the other, but “Demonslayer” shone out.  I learned it off by heart, and sing it to my grandsons.  If I could not have gotten Voltaire’s permission to include it, I would have cancelled the whole project.  If you like my story, please visit Voltaire’s site ( at least to say thank you – and if you can buy a copy of “Demonslayer”, you’ll be glad you did.
  • Jimmy Walking Far at Night, a “mere” stage magician, will be back to call the very question of what is “real” and what is “magic”.

 Book Information 

Title: With Friends Like These

Author: L. Hunter Cassells

Publisher: Amazon (November 24, 2012)

Category: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal
Tour Date: November, 2013
Available in: ebook,107 Pages


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