Soul Sale: A Rude Awakening Book Excerpt

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About Americus Dotter
Americus Dotter was an ovum donor for many fertility clinics across the United States including Yale University, and helped many couples achieve their goal of creating a family. Stem cell research and the ethics surrounding it are one of her primary concerns. Her book, Soul Sale, is the raw story of spiritual warfare that she experienced in 2008 following the birth of her own child. It is an example of “quantum psychiatry,” a term that is gaining popularity and support in the psychiatric community. Quantum psychiatry is thought to be where spirituality and science meet to expose unproven realities. In a time where the transhuman agenda is beginning to appear in headlines, the ethics surrounding stem cell research must be discussed and unintended consequences of our knowledge should be examined. Amy Dotter successfully sheds light on these issues in a creative true story not like any ever heard before.


Soul Sale: A Rude Awakening

This is what it looks like when the devil attacks. Americus Dotter, a human egg donor for Yale University, discovers that many of her embryos have gone to stem cell research. Unknown to her she has contributed to an industry that is at the center of our generation’s greatest moral and ethical debate. Her story begins when she purchases a vehicle off of Craigslist that was involved in a highway shooting of a local hero. When the case explodes into an FBI investigation Amy finds herself at the center of suspicion and a torturous battle for her soul ensues. Discover how it is that she keeps her soul intact and how she responds when she is called to the Court of Heaven and must testify as to her true intentions.
Amy Dotter successfully sheds light on these issues in a creative true story not like any ever heard before.

• Paperback: 258 pages
• Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (November 1, 2012)
• Language: English
• ISBN-10: 148021082X
• ISBN-13: 978-1480210820

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Post partum depression and descent into a psychotic state.
I think I hear voices. I am starting to see things happening that I am fairly certain are not actually happening. I think people are holding my baby and not letting me see him. The FBI is watching me. A Russian gangster most likely wants to kill me. My world is falling apart, and is there a riot going on outside. Can I please talk to the guy trying to commit suicide, because I bet he feels the same way I do. The world is out to get me….
If someone knows what I have done to bring this on me would they please just be honest with me and tell me in a way that I can understand? I must tell the nurse a code word to end all of this madness. I can fix this. I can figure it out. This is all some sick, twisted riddle, and if I can figure it out, then it will go away. I decided the code word must be Zephyr, the god of the west winds. I had named my new puppy this name and nobody would suspect it and it had to be kept a secret. I told the nurse that this was the code word and was shocked when she did not seem to be moved by it. It took all my strength to tell her, and I could not figure out why she did not understand why this word was so gravely important.

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