Four Ways to Continue Your Passion for Reading

Any keen reader knows what it’s like to have piles of books, many of which might even be unread for ages. You can’t resist buying new tomes whenever you spot something that looks interesting. You might get rid of some if they don’t interest you in the end, but a lot of them stick around because you enjoyed them and want to read them again. The problems arrive when you just can’t seem to stop, and you only have a limited amount of space for your books. What should you do when you’re running out of places to put all your favorite books?

Make More Space

If you’ve run out of space on your bookshelves for all your books, one option is to create more storage space. You might not be able to make your home bigger (although that is an option), but you can make better use of the space you already have. At the moment, perhaps most of your books are in one or two rooms. You probably have several other places in your home where you can add some shelves. Maybe there’s space along a wall in the corridor or you could even use your attic or basement as a storage space.

Start Swapping Books

The idea of giving up your book-buying habit probably doesn’t appeal at all. You can’t resist a bookstore, whether it’s a big, chain store or an independent, second-hand store. If you want to keep up a steady flow of new books in your home without taking up too much space, swapping your books is a clever option. This post from explains how you can start swapping your books online. By trading in the ones you have, you can get credits to buy different ones. So you can continue to read new things without increasing your numbers of books.

Go Digital

The digital route isn’t for everyone. For some, the idea of not holding a proper book in their hand sounds like a nightmare. However, it’s an excellent way to have as many books as you like without them piling up in your home. You can still have paperbacks and hardbacks, but ebooks can help you save space. There are some things to consider, like which brand of ebook reader is best. You should consider what sort of books you can get in different formats to make sure you don’t limit yourself too much.

Join the Library

get your library card today!
get your library card today!

Don’t forget to consider your local library if you have one and you’re not already a member. Having a library card means you can take out books for free whenever you want. Many libraries are linked up to others so you can order a book from elsewhere. Plus, a lot of libraries today now allow you to borrow ebooks, audiobooks and other media that can help you keep your book collection in check.

You don’t need to stop buying books if your collection is taking over. With the right methods, you can keep reading without being buried in books.






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