Gateway to Everywhere: A Love Story as Big as California Book Spotlight and Excerpt

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Blue Ink Book Review – “Ernest Frankel’s colossal novel, Gateway to Everywhere, opens during China’s Boxer Rebellion and ends with Pancho Villa’s Mexican guerillas. In between, readers will find absorbing entertainment. The story rapidly unfolds over the decade-¬plus timeline. There’s constant conflict–man vs. nature, man vs. man, man vs. self. Descriptions are thoroughly colorful, whether in China, at sea, or in the desert. Frankel’s 600-¬plus-page saga is reminiscent of Ferber’s Giant or Michener’s Hawaii–a highly readable adventure from a rollicking period of American history.”

Midwest Book Review – “A riveting read from cover to cover, author Ernest Frankel deftly interweaves history and fiction. “Gateway to Everywhere” reveals this author’s impressive flair for originality and exceptional storytelling skills…very highly recommended, especially for community library General Fiction collections.” — Midwest Book Review, Small Press Bookwatch: James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief

Clarion Foreword Reviews – Ernest Frankel’s Gateway to Everywhere is a big, sprawling look at the settlement of southern California circa 1900. Young American newlyweds Shannon and Clay Alexander escape China during the Boxer Rebellion to settle there.  Shannon and Clay are young and intrepid, and they work to make the raw, drought-ridden land produce lemons, grapefruit, and dates. The story of their marriage and the settlement of the country around them, now known as Palm Springs, covers fifteen years and more than six hundred pages………the book does an especially good job describing the life of ranch women, accurately capturing the backbreaking labor, the loneliness, and the sadness as their looks fade under a harsh sun.  Also well drawn are the other settlers of the region, a multicultural mix of easterners, Mexicans, and Russian Jews who emerge as individuals rather than cultural stereotypes.  Some scenes are gripping, as when Shannon gives birth alone in a freezing storm and when she displays anguish and wit as she punishes her husband’s would-be mistress. Shannon’s dialogue is often sharp and clever….
Gateway to Everywhere provides an often colorful view of southern California in the raw, tumultuous years before the First World War. SUSAN WAGGONER, Clarion Foreword Reviews (November 10, 2016)


Book Synopsis

A riveting epic novel set against the backdrop of turn-of-the-century America, an era when the country was beginning to take its place on the world’s stage. Blending fiction and history, the story begins in China in 1900 on the eve of the Boxer Rebellion, then takes the reader on a heart-pounding escape from Peking and across the pirate-infested high seas to Palm Springs, California, an area still reeling from an ongoing drought. At the heart of this dazzling story is a marriage―two Americans who met and wed in Peking—the beautiful, charming Shannon, a mere seventeen, and her unwavering Marine husband, Clay. The reader is swept away by their multi-faceted romance, the shadow that has fallen across it, and the events they face together as they try to make a life for themselves in the parched and inhospitable environment of Palm Springs. Gateway to Everywhere will envelop you in all the elements that give a reader insight into another time and place.

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Author Bio

author photo ernie 1Ernest Frankel is a novelist, TV writer, producer, and the author of two previous novels, Band of Brothers (Macmillan) and Tongue of Fire (Dial Press). His work is included in Van Wyck Mason’s Anthology of American Literature. A member of the Writers’ Guild and the Directors’ Guild, he has worked with CBS, ABC, NBC, independent production companies and the major studios, serving as creator, writer, executive story consultant, line producer, and executive producer on both series and movies-for-television. Military Career: Enlisting in the U.S. Marine Corps  in  1944, Frankel led a rifle platoon of the First Marine Division in Okinawa, the last and bloodiest battle of the War in the Pacific. After the War, he was ordered to North China and stationed in Tentsin, with his duties taking him to Peking and Taku—three of the locales revisited in Gateway to Everywhere. He was recalled to active duty during the Korean War and again during the war in Vietnam on special assignment. He was awarded the Legion of Merit by President Gerald Ford.

What Others Are Saying About Gateway to Everywhere

 “I offer my applause for a brilliant, absorbing, moving, colorful, honest and exciting story with a great canvas and unforgettable characters…” Beau Marks, UCLA Television and Motion Picture Department

 “The author had me on page one—when I was introduced to that indomitable, beautiful, spoiled girl in her teens and the womanizing heroic Marine lieutenant she has just married…” Catherine G. Burke, Associate Professor, Emerita, University of Southern California

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