Book Review – A Journey Within

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Publisher: Artistic Origins (April 30, 2017)
Category: Memoir, Adventure, Inspirational
Tour dates: Oct-Nov, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-940385-05-1
Available in Print & ebook, 181 pages

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Book Synopsis

The true story of a simple man who has spent his life working amidst the quiet embrace of nature and her animals. Despite the happy normalcy, his soul calls out to him through a series of visions urging him to search for the higher design in his life. His inner voice beckons him out into the wilderness, away from all that he knows and understands, to find the higher meaning of himself.

After nearly a decade of stubborn denial, he removes his self-imposed blindfolds to embark on what is to become his personal journey into the unknown. What he finds will forever change his life.

Instead of meaning, he finds a tempest. Finding courage through his animals he forges onward in search of his own truth.  Is there a greater universal design for each of us? Or is there only chaos and confusion? Your answer lies within, if only you dare to take the journey.

 A Journey Within highlights the duality between both the physical and the spiritual.  It carries a message of courage and inspiration to connect with life and the inner-self, taking the road less traveled, and living authentically.

Review for A Journey Within

Jeff Baker is a farmer in New Mexico.  H works the land and animals and calls himself “A simple man”.  He loves spending time in the great outdoors and can’t imagine a better job for himself.  Like everyone, he has had his fair share of hard ships but he has learned from them.

One day he decides to take a journey deeper into nature with a friend.  On this journey he gains deep insight of courage and inspiration.  He wrote ‘A journey Within’ to share that with us.

As I read “A Journey Within’ I was drawn to Mr. Baker’s way of life and into his story.  I felt like I was right there with him.  At times in his life he says he has felt like “a hamster in a cage, running his wheel,” going nowhere fast.  I know that feeling well and have had to struggle through it myself.  I think that reading Jeff’s approach would have sped up my own search for answers.

‘A Journey Within’ takes the reader on an inspirational adventure.  It is perfect for nature lovers but it was great for this city woman as well.  Baker describes great beauty in both life and nature and makes the reader bring things in to perspective.  He doesn’t preach, he just shares his journey.  I couldn’t put this book down.  I heard he is working on a sequel and I can hardly wait!

I give ‘A Journey Within’ 5 stars and I don’t5 give 5 stars easily.  I received the ebook for my honest opinion.

Sal B.


About J. Mitchel Baker

Jeff-Baker-Journey Within168x300Mitchel Baker is a graduate of Texas A&M University, living in San Antonio with his family. He has dedicated his life to ranching and managing natural resources, and continues to be a student of all things visceral. He is currently working on his sequel to A Journey Within as he stumbles awkwardly toward a higher consciousness.


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