How to Make Sure You Nail Getting the Promotion

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Looking at going after that new promotion in the company? But there’s one drawback you really want to finish the book you’ve been writing and become a published author. Why not do both? After all, there are going to be expenses to publish and to market the book. Try these four tips to help you get that promotion and to keep you from being a starving writer.

Even if you’re comfortable in your place of work and you know everyone that you work with, there’s something extremely nerve racking about going for a promotion with the company. There’s the fear of failing and not getting the position that you’d hoped for, and there’s also leaving beloved colleagues behind while you take yourself further in your career. Many people struggle to get themselves together for their promotion, so here’s how you can make sure you nail getting the promotion you deserve.

Practice in the Mirror

It’s likely that you will be asked to pitch why you’re the right candidate for the position coming. If you’ve been given any information ahead of time then use it to your advantage. Practice in the mirror why you should be the person that gets the promotion. Do some research on the role that you’re going for so that you can walk in confident that you are the best person for the job.

Get Ahead With Knowledge

While your current job might not have required you to have qualifications, having some under your belt will certainly get you ahead of the game. Taking an online accredited mba program will give you a plethora of knowledge that can be useful in many different settings. It’s sure to impress your boss and it may even help take you further in your career that you’d originally imagined!

As previously mentioned, you can also get yourself ahead by researching the role that you’re applying for. Doing this will show your boss that you have initiative and that you’ve taken it upon yourself to already clue yourself up about the job at hand.

Don’t Forget to Be Yourself

It’s likely that your boss and any superiors know you fairly well, so when it comes to pitching why you’d like to take on the new role available, make sure that there’s still an element of you coming out. Trying too hard can make you seem robotic, unlike yourself and therefore unfit for the job. While you want to remain professional, try and keep parts of your natural personality that will help towards the role. For example, if you’re confident with the general public and you’re applying for a supervisor role in customer services, then your confidence will help land you the promotion.

Dress to Impress

This doesn’t necessarily mean dress in smart clothes or a suit and tie. Dress for the job that you’re going for to show that you’re prepared for the role already and can jump in whenever needed. For example, if you’re applying for a head fitness instructor, then turning up in the gear that you’d typically wear will impress your bosses. You would also be able to demonstrate at the same time which would be super useful.

Try these four ideas when going for your next promotion and see how much more confident you will feel! Good luck with your career!


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